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07 July 2012, 06:54 PM

I've watched this video tutorial via blenderguru on how to create an Earth. Though twenty eight minutes into the clip, I can't understand what the narrator is saying or where he has selected the new node box addition from?

Could someone please take a look at it 28:35s, he says a blur/blow node? This is the part where you can make the Earth illuminate.

To be honest, I'm doing an extra by watching through the entire tutorial, well currently stuck, because years ago I wanted to create one(2006-7) but I didn't know enough how too so this tutorial does expand on more than just creating a static Earth using the NASA images. My scene is missing the Bump image, but that is because the link on the page doesn't work. But leaving that aside, I can always go back to it later. I don't think the stars were worth including, I've decided to leave that out.

This is what it looks like at the moment -

( Having said the above, I only just returned to blender 3D after having only used it just for a few tutorials and to see what I could learn from them, which isn't much. As I'm not a 3D artist, and isn't a longterm interest.

Blender has changed a lot over the years since I used it back with Cog's ocean tutorial for the 2.41 version, I imagine for the better. Though, I am aware of the ocean simulator or feature.

Thank you for reading.

08 August 2012, 03:20 PM
He blurs the image with a blur node (Add>Filter>Blur) and then mixes it with the original image using a mix node (Add>Color>Mix) set to additive blending.

08 August 2012, 09:04 PM
Thank you for the reply.

I can't find it. I tried the Add menu, there isn't any vertex...? I was totally lost in the last several mintues of the video tutorial.:hmm:

This was the inspiration image I remember years ago on tv from, a scene from a scifi series. It certainly is a lot brighter, and the camera is zoomed in much more, much more clouds. The scene was taken from a trailer of the show, so it was a still Earth with a moving model in the scene. (

08 August 2012, 06:13 PM
I was totally lost in the last several mintues of the video tutorial. After looking at the picture you've posted, I'm not surprised.

You have the node editor in 'Shader Mode', the default, when is should be in 'Compositing Mode'. Unless you're familiar with the node editor this isn't entirely obvious and doesn't appear to be mentioned in the tutorial.

Make sure your node editor's header looks something like this...

08 August 2012, 12:47 PM
I see what you mean now, I guess I can't copy the nodes over then. I'll have to redo that part of the tutorial again...I suppose.

08 August 2012, 03:13 PM
I corrected the problem.

Leaving that aside.

I attempted to create a palm tree with somebody else's beach scene I downloaded via blendswap, its just terrible.

I can only hope the person at blenderguru can eventually try creating one, with a beach/shore water scene or somebody out there. I did sent a message for the shrek lookalike ginger bread tutorial request, though probably be waiting a long time for both of these sort of tutorials.

The beach model from the file is definately worth keeping for that.

Not to mention a nine year old computer, 2.23GHZ or is it 26 pentium 4 processor, 1.5GB RAM, 512MB GFX card, though this new option of cycles rendering may be the alternative for long render scenes.

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