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07 July 2012, 08:41 PM
I have dell m6600, i7, 8gb, 7200rpm, quadro 3000, win 7 pro x64.
AV: microsoft security essentials
Firewall: comodo

It takes 4 minutes to boot the system. Meaning I open the performance tab of the task manager, wait until every graph is flat and the cpu is on 0%, and then I read the system up time. Running any application before the system comes to rest would just slow down the whole process, and it won't load or respond any faster.

I have a batch file which runs: vs2010, matlab, maya. From a fresh boot it takes it between a minute and a half to sometimes four minutes (I'm not sure on what it depends) to fully load all three applications.
After loading the applications for the first time, loading them later would take mere seconds, but still, why does it take so long to run an application for the first time?
I tried to monitor the disk activity, calculate how many MB need to be loaded to memory, compare it to the hd transfer rate, and I still couldn't justify the timings. I have 8 cores, one is doing something that don't exert it too much, and the others are almost idle. What is taking so much time?

- It takes at least 10 seconds for VS2010 to load a simple solution. The responsiveness of the whole ide is sluggish.
- Opening a desktop folder which contains only shortcuts takes a few seconds to load all the icons.
- In the main tasks such as specific calculations or running games, the computer is fast enough.

In win xp using vs2005 everything responded promptly. And why wouldn't it, I mean vs is just an improved notepad. And how long should it take to load a bunch of desktop icons?!

- I ran sysinternals autoruns and disabled 80% of the apps that load at boot.
- I ran puran defrag on full optimization (also in boot time).
- I cleaned the registry with cclean and system care.
- I'm trying a trial of diskeeper.

but no major improvement. Actually on the first week I had the same performance from the os and ide.

And then I read this annoying article of someone that suggests that as computers would get faster, humans won't feel comfortable to have tasks performed immediately, and developers would have to add animations to slow down applications... What a BS, at this rate I'm going back to pen and paper. :rolleyes:

What about your computer?
How do you feel about your ide and os responsiveness? Compared to older OS?
7 years ago, did your computer respond faster or slower? Do you know how many computer years are in 7 human years...

07 July 2012, 11:01 AM
I ended up getting a new workstation this week. It is amazingly quick, I love it. Coming home and working on my home machine is a right pain even though it is no slouch. Definitely getting quicker in my books, although it's still an old HDD and not one of those flash ones.

I ended up getting a DELL workstation (I used to customize my own workstations - really they were high end gaming machines, but as life and time are not on my side I lost what was the latest and greatest CPU / GPU etc... couldn't be bothered with research and just went for a premade CAD workstation).

It's a Xeon, Quadro 2000 and 16gb. 2x non sata 512mb drives.

Previously my other workstation was an i7-960, GTX260 1GB and 9GB which was not bad at all for a 3 year old system.

On paper there's probably not a lot of an upgrade there but the DELL kills the old workhorse I had for years. First, Quadro card is a massive improvement in Maya and when rendering my old system would lock-up and I'd have to take a thread off maya.exe but the new Xeon multi-tasks so well, I can actually do some post work on the same machine while waiting for another still to come through. It's snappier and definitely not a placebo effect either as I have demoted the old workstation to render slave and it is definitely noticeably slower. Perhaps computers get dementia and suffer from old age too? :)

Anyway, point is that you've done the right things - it's just funny how on paper it's one thing then in the real world it's a different story. It's obviously something else that is causing your problem as its not slouch - perhaps there's a bottleneck somewhere with the HDD or motherboard?

First thing I'd do, if its as bad as it sounds, is just do a fresh install of windows. Make sure to disarm Maya first! If it still is sluggish it might be your HDD.

07 July 2012, 09:15 AM
Yes, usually it's mandatory to reinstall windows on such occasions. But it's not an option for me. My environment includes so many things that reinstalling takes almost a week, and it's a nightmare. Also I'm quite sure that again a week later it would become sluggish again. Considering a hardware problem is tempting, but I won't give it much chance. I believe that it's more than that. Windows in notorious for being sluggish after a time, or if it has many applications installed (but not used at the same time!), and I wonder why. Maybe it's that dumb registry invention which I never understood, which has always prevented me from copying applications as is (without installation, i.e. portable mode) and just making it easier to reinstall the os or move apps from one computer to another.

I wish there was some serious application that time measured any process in the system during an execution of another app or at boot time. It would prepare a table of execution time and mark in red problematic processes which took more than they should, and in general be helpful in tracking the problem or at least explain it.
For example it would have a feature to track a program executing. I'll give it maya.exe and it would run it. It would track all the hd reads, registry reads, network and other nonsense for all the processes in the system that were active at that time. It would produce a pie chart or a table, and I could see exactly that reading the data files from the hd took 40% from the execution time, the antivirus processing took 5%, and so on. If for example most of the execution time would be reading files, and the amount of data divided by the time it took has a large discrepancy with the hard drive speed, then there's probably a problem with the hd.

07 July 2012, 10:01 AM
I have a 2 (3?) year old i5 that was getting reallllly slow to boot. Couple months ago I added a solid state disk and make it my boot disk. I tell you, it's so much fun turning on my machine these days :)

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07 July 2012, 10:01 AM
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