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07 July 2012, 07:54 AM
I created this mod package in Blender 2.63a.

This is a mod package of many 3D models that you can use together with the freely available AC3D screensaver. This is a screensaver that you can obtain here:

All these 3D models included in this .zip file can be used through the AC3D screensaver so every model is in effect a simple, different 3D screensaver. It offers only simple rotation in 2 axes (optionally in only 1 or no rotation at all) at adjustable speeds but it is very, very cool to use your own 3D models as screensavers and many models despite their relative simplicity (they are for real time display) look very nice anyway.

There are 75 3D models in the package (+ 1 for demo only cause it is too big for a screensaver). Some are simpler polyhedra and others are much more complex.

There are 22 that are made for the Amiga computer fans including several based in the famous Amiga Boing Ball logo that may bring back some Amiga nostalgia but the others are of different themes. There is one for Apple fans, one for Atari fans, One for ATi and one for Nvidia fans. There is a Tie Fighter that is a big improvement to the one that the screensaver has as default, an X-Wing Fighter to match it as you can see in the pictures, a Homer Simpson, a Flight Gear flight simulator Cessna 172 a flying saucer and many more!

Some were created by other 3D modelers (freely available 3D models) and they were converted and adapted by me for the screensaver through Blender. All those other authors are credited in the included documents. The big majority of the models were made by me including the X-Wing Fighter which is also available as a free Blender format low-medium poly 3D model in a different submission in my gallery there in Deviantart.

There is much more information about the models in the PDF documents that I included in the .zip file.

Forgive me for the rather large .zip file but it is to a big degree due to the rather high quality textures that I did for some planets that are included among the models like Earth and Jupiter etc. With these textures the planets look very beautiful so I left them at a kinda higher resolution (2048 x 1024) but it is also cause there are many models in the package.

There are instructions in the package of how to use them and I included a tutorial that tells you how to do your own 3D models for this screensaver with Blender 2.63a cause there is a specific methodology of how to do this and with it you won't have to figure anything out cause I already did the job for you.

This tutorial is available for download there in Deviantart as a separate document in PDF form also but it is included with this package.

If you run into trouble with the textures (if the textured models come out completely blank) the tutorial will tell you how to fix this cause it is a very simple fix.

Try them you may like some. I do! So I hope you do like them.

You can download the package here at Deviantart:

or in this Mediafire folder:

You Amiga fans should try the package, I think that the Amiga 3D models will bring back some good memories. There are instructions of how to install them (it's very easy) in the .zip file too.

If your graphic card offers high quality anti-aliasing they will look very, very nice.

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07 July 2012, 07:54 AM
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