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07 July 2012, 04:28 PM
I have been using a quad core 9550 for about 5 years and I haven't been doing any upgrades since then. With the introduction of LGA 2011s, and 1500 core GTX680's, I thought it is time that I buy something fast and keep going for another 5 years.

I combined an i7 3930 K with an Asus p9x79 motherboard. Added an EVGA GTX 670 with 4 gb memory, plus 512 gb OCZ vertex ssd to the mix and kept the ram at an adequate 32 Gb.

I wasn't expecting much speed from the 12 core monster, since most viewport operations only use single core, but more from the SSD drive. It is fast actually, file copy operations normally taking hours are now 3-4 minutes, but looking at 3d studio max boot speed or coming up of the "select by name dialog" nothing seems to change at all.

"Starting 3dsmax..." text appears in 3 seconds but actual appearing of the viewports take 26 more seconds and as they appear, another 5 seconds is required to become active. If you just restore the maximized program it freezes again and you wait for 3-4 seconds to become active once again. Select by name dialog takes 4-5 seconds to open even in an empty scene. Material editor was fast in a current attempt but it has a great potential to make you wait an annoying 30 seconds if filled with materials and textures.

Looking at the picture, the only positive side of the new machine (compared to the quad core) seems to be the tripled rendering speed; but for the rest; nothing has changed dramatically. (And may be the thickness of my purse.) :rolleyes:

What's wrong with this software? Rendering is definitely fast, just as expected. CPU seems to work fine. Is this sluggishness happening because only a single core is working during viewport operations?
Do we make upgrades in vain, if we expect faster viewport responses?

(I do believe that because, a simple cross multiplication between 4 cores rendering scene in 1x speed equals 12 cores render in = 3x speed.) But some things have to be improved?

Is it about a memory setting, Something seems to be blocking the fluent operation of 3ds max?

Any ideas?

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07 July 2012, 04:28 PM
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