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11 November 2003, 05:27 PM
Hi I am running 2 Apple G5ís in our office. They both have exactly the same settings, both are dual 2GHZ, both have C4D Release 8.207 installed. I have been running some test renders and have stumbled upon a problem for which I can find no explanation.

I am rendering a scene with the Radiosity plugin in Stochastic mode, and when I render the scene on my 1st G5 with only 1000mb Ram the scene renders fine. However when I render the scene on the 2nd G5 with 2000mb Ram it takes a lot longer and the results are filled with loads of texture and lighting errors. I have checked all the settings of everything and they are exactly the same. The Only thing that is different between the two machines apart from the amount of ram that they have is that the 2nd G5 is running OX Panther and the 1st is running OX 10.2.8.

Would this have anything to do with the bad render quality, and is there anything I should check. This is becoming very frustrating as work is very busy at the moment and the reason for getting the 2nd G5 was so that it could be used as a slave rendering machine, and at the moment itís not working as it should.

Hope someone can help with this annoying problem!

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