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07 July 2012, 05:43 PM
Yes, you're reading that correctly. The Mac guy is building a PC. I've actually done this in the past but I am doing a review of the HP Z820 for Ars Technica and I want a very cheap but fast single-socket alternative machine to use in the article and I'll be using it after as a mostly-headless render slave for V-Ray. I've been using the Z820 in CentOS with my Macs without issue ( ) so it's safe to assume this will work well enough (it's not going to get 20+ in Cinebench like the Z820 but it doesn't cost $9000). I don't care about Windows or gaming. I have an SSD and a Quadro 4000 Mac edition (it's a dual EFI/BIOS card so it runs fine in PCs) left over from a review so that's why the system below lacks a GPU:

Those are Canadian prices and I'll be shopping around for cheaper. So, as you might have noticed from the pricier cooler and case, I'm going for quiet but powerful, with slight overclock potential without running into heat issues and I don't want full ATX. I'm curious to know what people would do differently. The PSU is only 850W but I don't plan on upgrading the GPU to something more power hungry or adding two of them, so it should be fine. If you think that PSU is crap and you'd get a different one that's more reliable, I'm interested in hearing what you'd get.

And just to be clear - I'm not switching to Linux. This is just a cheap additional machine to help on some new animation projects until the new Mac Pros come out next year. I will actually be trying this machine out as a Hackintosh as part of the article and that's part of the reason I chose the parts that I did:

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07 July 2012, 05:43 PM
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