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06 June 2012, 07:44 PM
I posted this on xsibase (;action=display;threadid=47065;start=2) yesterday; maybe people are shying away from malware attacks.... Hopefully someone here can help, in addition to Hirazi :)

My initial question: Is there a way that I can add these additional rotation fcurves into existing animation action sources?

Hirazi replied that Merge Clips into new Source ( might be solution.

I read that help section also and it sounds like merging should work. But do I need to store multiple action sources of the new controller, corresponding to the time of the other action sources? Nervous about doing this so I was hoping for some insight. I thought surely someone's done this before (needed to add an additional controller to action sources.

Perhaps I'm not explaining myself clearly. I created a character key set that contains many different null's position and some rotation values. (I forgot to include one of my controllers) I have already animated all those nulls for 700 frames. My animation consists of many "clips" and "holds"; there are long breaks in between. It seems perfect to do in animation mixer; I have very little experience with it. So I went through and stored character key set fcurves for the different sections of my animation. I set the offset for the start time, kept original animation and added clip to mixer. Question: If I unchecked keep original animation, will that delete the animation from just that section and keep the rest? After I had all the clips loaded into the mixer, I removed all the original animation. So now everything is stored in actions on the animation mixer. It was only after I rearraged one of my clips that I noticed I forgot to include my overall global_SRT null controller; my character spins around and I noticed I couldn't retime that.

So.... first I should add the global_SRT to my character key set.


There's very little animation on that null. Like hold for 100 frames, 6 frame animate 360 rotation, hold for 500 frames, 6 frame animate reverse 360 rotation, hold for 100 frames.

Thanks for your help,

06 June 2012, 06:25 PM
I ended up adding new controller to the character key set, applying actions, storing new actions.

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06 June 2012, 06:25 PM
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