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05 May 2012, 05:37 PM
So the company i work for has inherited a model from another company that has to be used in a game engine, where the other company just used this model for rendering images and movies. They have modeled and textured the complete scene using combinations of shaders and textures. Then applied all the shaders and textures to the individual faces of each objects as needed. They also have several objects in the scene with the same texture, but are all individual shaders for each object instead of using the same shader across all objects.

Is there a way that if i attach all object in the scene to one mesh with it's 20 or so textures, that i can auto generate a single texture and uv unwrap at the same time? I have been playing around with the render to texture dialog box, but not getting any success on generating both the single texture and matching uv map.

Just looking for a quick possiblility over re-uving and re-texturing all the objects. We will be getting models from this company in the future and have gotten others in the past. All the models are done the same way where they are only constructed with making images or movies in mind and not being used in a engine.

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05 May 2012, 05:37 PM
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