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11 November 2003, 12:40 AM
A power surge blew out my PS, and my HD isn't being detected on that computer, or my computer repair friend's computer. Now, he says it's likely that I'll need to have the HD controller replaced.

Can anyone recommend a place that will repair my HD, or extract the information from it for me? I've looked at a few places, and $500 seems to be the low estimate for extracting information (which is way too much for my budget).

I'm willing to try replacing the controller board myself, if it is a something a rookie can do (when following instructions), so if you know a website with steps to do this, I'm game to that too.

I'm freaking out because my final project for this semester was on that drive, along with a lot of scans and my works, and most importantly, my MAYA license.

I'm hoping to find someplace cheaper than $500, and fast (final is due is 3 weeks). Also, I'm local to SF/Bayarea, so walk in places are welcome too.

Any recommendations are welcome.

11 November 2003, 07:08 AM
Where in San Fran bay area? Do you go to AAC or expressions or ???
Based on where you live I can suggest several places to check your computer. Something else you can try is to connect a cdrom on the same ide channel and see if your bios even sees your drive. If it does see your cdrom and not the drive then your drive is dead. As for data recovery.
They can pull data from anything...fires, laptops under water...but its not cheap. I might be able to get a code from my work which would give you a discount! Good luck either way!

11 November 2003, 08:05 AM
ooo the liscense is a killer, I got a new Mobo when mine died and they were gonna charge me $150 to transfer my liscense. Make sure to tell them you are replacing damaged gear and they will most likely waive it (if its the first time), i told them i would have to call them back after I explained it and they told me about the charge, they promptly called me back the next day and said they would gladly transfer it for free and it was emailed to my reseller. Bless alias in all its kindness.... If only they were that nice when I missed the cutoff for the price drop from $7500 to $1999.... meh i got what i paid for :)

11 November 2003, 10:35 PM
I go to the AAC. I live the east bay, work in redwood city, school up in SF. ;P So suggest away! I appreciate it!

Anyhow, the bios doesn't load, i've tried switching the connections around, but it never loads. My friend tried to see if he could get it to detect (he's the repair guy at my work) but it wouldn't detect there at either. When I try to start up, the mobo lights up, my vcard fan turns on, the cd-rw lights up, the zip lights up. The HD, DVD-rom, and Floppy don't light up. Of course I don't know if any of that is broken until I can get a new HD.

And I don't think Alias will xfer my license for free now. :( I've had them xfer it 2x already (I installed it on the wrong comp). But I'll try and explain it to them like you suggested.

So... tonight a new HD, just so I can get my computer back to running. Then I'll know if I need to replace the mobo or not....

11 November 2003, 06:17 PM
Sorry I took so long to write back, I could not find the post! Anyway....Central computer on Howard street (I am going there now to get some MP 2800's, he he) I am going to the one in san jose! They have really good techs there. I don't know what they charge, my old job charged $120 flat rate for labor and diagnostics. The number is 415 495 5888. They are a little east of the Mosconi (spelled right?) center across from the new parking garage they built by the metreon if you know where that is! good luck! I too go to the Academy. I graduate this fall...finally, just as long as I get my short film done!

Whats your major and your name!

I am joe and I am getting my MFA in 3d character animation!

11 November 2003, 09:10 AM
Thx, I will check them out. For now, I have gotten my computer working after replacing almost all the parts. Now I plead with Alias|wavefront for a license. ;)

My name is Melissa. I'm in the BFA program (hopefully I graduate spring '05) for 3D animation (Maya). I really want to enter the MFA 3d program after graduation, or the AA for graphic illustration. What's the MFA program like? Is it a lot more in depth?

And good luck on your short and graduation! Do you have a website? :)

12 December 2003, 06:45 PM
Yeah, the MFA is great because you get to concentrate on animation or whatever your major is. The teachers are great too but you probably already knew that! No, I don't have a website yet but I am working on it! What days do you have classes? Maybe I will see you sometime, its always good to know another face!:D

12 December 2003, 06:33 PM
Yay! Now my comp is running again (sans my files from the old HD) and alias gave me a new license without charging me a fee! I can only assume it's because my hardware was fried and I wouldn't have changed it otherwise.

And I have classes on Mondays, 7-10 in the 180 building. Next semester I'll have more. :)

12 December 2003, 06:46 PM
Originally posted by mtague
A power surge blew out my PS, and my HD isn't being detected on that computer, or my computer repair friend's computer. Now, he says it's likely that I'll need to have the HD controller replaced.

Moral of the story is to buy a UPS ..

As far as replacing the HD controller you'd have to find a harddrive that is exactly the same as the one you have and take the controller off of it and put it on the bad one so you are risking ruining the new harddrive (you'll definately be voiding it's warranty) and still not being able to recover your data.

I don't know if Central Computer can do data recovery from a HD cannot be seen connected so I think you might have to bite the bullet and pay $500 to get your stuff back. $500 is cheap most places like Disksavers I think charge around $2000.

12 December 2003, 12:43 PM
If you still have the old drive...and the data is extremely important to you...

Find or buy a drive of the exact same type.

Aka if you have a Western Digital WD800JB, find or buy another WD JB drive...preferabily a 800JB.

Carefully remove the bottom pcb from the damaged drive. (On the bottom of the drive). You'll need a special screwdriver bit (hexagol star shape).

Carefully pull the bottom pcb off, VERY carefully removing the actual physical connector to the drive.

Do the same with the new harddrive pcb. (Or one from a similar working drive).

Reconnect it (Make sure you've grounded yourself through this entire process) to the damaged drive carefully.

After making sure its screwed back in (with the little padding and internal connector to the drive), try connecting the drive back up to the computer.

Alot of the times the drive itself isn't damaged, only the actual pcb itself.

This method can restore connectivity to the BIOS, allowing data to be recovered off the drive either through luck (drive not effected) or a program like Restorer 2000 pro.

This method tends to work extremely well on drives which still spin up properly (no weird sounds or clicking), but for some reason or another, can't be detected by the bios.

Its worth a try, especially if the data is worth something to you.

Besides, if it doesn't work, you have a new hd anyway :).

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