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01 January 2002, 04:10 PM
Hey guys and gals this is my first post. I would love to hear your comments and ideas about my models.

01 January 2002, 05:17 PM

i really like the Idea!! do you want to make an animation?
It's looking like there is a story beyound that....can you give some more information about your project?
The textures are great too!!
I really want to see a closeup from the stuff on the Hippo :)

01 January 2002, 05:46 PM
Good stuff matt! the greeen guy is a littel too minty fresh for my tatse, but he's still a cool model. The giant hippo is very cool. How about adding a guy riding on his head? nice ideas all around.


01 January 2002, 06:49 PM
Really cool concept! I like your green-blue character. I'd really like to see what sort of character he is through your animation. He looks like he'd be a confident, arrogant warrior/priest.

Your hippo is hillarious and another cool concept. I've always thought hippos are one of the funnier, under utilized animals in art (I've actually thought about that -- go figure).

Daryl's suggestion of a guy on his head is pretty cool, too. Much like elephant riders of old India -- maybe today's, too -- you can have your rider carry a huge spike to drive into the hippos brain if he goes wild and uncontrollable. Elephant riders going into battle would carry spikes for that purpose.

His paint job is pretty cool. The brightness of the red on his snout is a little distracting. Maybe break it up a little bit with more patterns and darken it up a tad.

Super start! Let's see it in action.
I'd also like to hear the story behind these characters. You've obviously done some thinking here.


01 January 2002, 07:18 PM
Thanks for the comments KoRn_ART, Blackarts and ACFred. These characters are the first creations of a world that I have begun to flesh out in my head. I'm still coming up with a lot of ideas about it though. I plan on doing a lot more models and story ideas to go along with these ones(which I'll post when I get them near finished).

KoRn_ART: I'd like to eventually animate the Hippo in battle with another one of my ideas but that's not my main focus for right now. I'm trying to find work as a modeler so that's what I am going to pay attention to. I'll be posting some closeup shots of the hippo later on.

Blackarts: I know how you don't like "minty fresh" things. I agree with you though. I'm eventually going to touch up his skin texture. I'll try a few things with a character on the hippos head. See if anything works out. Thanks for the idea.

ACFred: That's cool that you like hippos. I was going to do a rhino model but then I researched it a little more and found out that Hippos are the most dangerous animal in Africa. Just recentley a hippo killed a bunch of guys in a boat. I like your idea about the spear to the head thing. I may work that in some how. I also agree about the red texture, although I wanted it to be rich in colour. But I may tone it down a few notches.

01 January 2002, 08:23 PM
A spike through the head, i like it!! That would make a cool animation.

Dan Dixon
01 January 2002, 10:49 PM
Nice concept matt, I like to see an up close of you blue guy. But the detail look clean. I think AC on to something, with the texturing, a little strong and it attracts my attention a bit to much. Also little warmer in the render could be nice.

Overall very cool and would like to see more .

01 January 2002, 10:50 PM
Here's some different shots of the model. Hope you like.

01 January 2002, 02:26 AM
pretty cool

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