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05 May 2012, 11:09 PM

I know that nuke is better for 3D and AE for motion design, but, if we forget the 3D part and the nodes vs layers (question of taste) can we achieve the same results in AE than in Nuke (i mean in term of quality)?

05 May 2012, 03:39 AM
I think so. The problem is not a lot of people are really really good in After Effects. It make me laugh when I ear compositors saying that "after effects can be OK for compositing, as proved by Andrew Kramer" because what we see on Kramer website is not really what I would call excellent compositings. Kramer site is a training site. It give you very good tools to learn the soft. However I believe you can go way further than what we see there.

BUT, if your going to work in a FX facility, better learn the tools they use.

I am not a Nuke user but was a Flame/Inferno artist. I believe AE can replicate everything a Flame can do. The workflow is different of course.

05 May 2012, 07:34 AM
Hi Nemo.

I have worked extensively with After Effects, Flame/Inferno, and Nuke, and yes, After Effects is just as good as the other ones. Nowadays the end result depends on the user more than the software as there is some parity of features across all packages.

There are differences of course, such as AFX's lack of a true 3D environment and the fact that you will need several precomps and layers to get the same effect you can get with only a few nodes in other packages (comes with the territory of a layer based linear approach), but the end result is exclusively up to you. A skilled AFX compositor can put together the same quality shots as a skilled Flame or Nuke one. I sit on either platform and can transfer my skills and techniques just as well between them.

You will notice some performance differences between those three systems with Flame the best performer (it is a hardware/ software solution after all, though even Flare performs admirably), and Nuke and AFX bogging down considerably on heavy scenes, but nothing that will affect the quality of your work.

As earwax said, though, it is a good decision to at least have a working idea of the other packages as the majority of VFX work is done on Nuke or Flame/Inferno/Flare these days even if you focus on AFX. However, everything you learn and use in the latter will be applicable all across the board by just adapting the workflow.

05 May 2012, 12:32 PM
I don't intend to do by myself more than short and auto produced indie films, i don't plan to work as a compositor for industry. Fortunately, if one i can make it as a director (my dream) producers will hire nuke copositors etc. to do the job :p

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