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06 June 2002, 03:11 PM
Hi everybody !

Well, here is my first real try at doing a real time scene. In fact I'm currently working on texturing this scene. I work for a friend of mine, and I provide him meshes and textures for his real time physics engine.

Have you people seen Monsters Inc ? Do you remember the scene when Sulli, Razowski and Booh enter the huge hangar where doors are sorted and put away. In that scene, the door moves naturally, depending on the speed, acceleration, curves on the path etc.

The goal of this demo is to simulate the movements of the door on its path in real time.

Here is a screenshot of the scene as it appears in Max.
I have modeled the hangar where the monsters enter the kids' room in fact, instead of the huge place where all the doors are sorted.

I'll post other screens tonight, as I guess this is not very explicit.

I'll try to be more precise too :)

Here is the door itself :

Here is the scene :

- Seen from above

- Seen from below

Here ( is a bigger image (166 ko)

Here ( is a link to a tiny video showing what should happen in real time (THIS is pre-rendered in Max). (418 ko)


06 June 2002, 03:42 PM


May be you must think about Ambiance at first, by then, finding your general colors, and then finding some real textures
Its all about this I think, from general to detail and not the opposite.

Maybe it will help you during the creative process ... May be it will help you to find the way,

So the scene is comming from monstrers ... why don't you just have a look about the movie ? its obviously a good starting point

What's the real problem for you ? I still don't know in fact ... :)

bon ca va je pourrais te dire ca en reel vu que t pile poil dans mon dos mais ca crée un superbe effet que de parler sur internet via le meilleur forum de 3d de la Terre

06 June 2002, 08:02 AM

Here is the update.

My main problem on this scene is that there is no harmony in the textures. The meshes are ok, even if quite simple, but this won't need more precision for the moment.

I have done several tests for the roof of the hangar, the floor, the walls etc. And here is where it came up with :

I have added fake shadows on the textures so that it adds a bit depth.

For me, the roof looks almost ok, but the floor and the "brace" (those repetitive purple things holding roof) are the worst. I'd like to give it harmony, and more detail.

Size of textures :
- brace : 512x512

- floor : 512x512

- roof : 512x512

- walls : 256x256

All those textures are 100% hand made of course, but Im not happy at all with them, maybe except for roof.

I don't really know what to add.

Here ( you can find a tiny divx5 video showing a travelling inside this scene (690 ko).

Thanks by advance and Bye !


06 June 2002, 08:43 AM
You should work harder on the "structure" maps
not the roof itself, its really well done, but the archs are poor...
If you put some texture on it, it should look like there was a texture, rather than a flat purple surface ... shadows are ok ... but put some rivets, some rusty parts or change the color ( a deep red should be ok don't u think ?)

The Wall at the end of the hangar doesn't really convience me
There is no more than 2 tones on it, and you can't give deepness to a texture with 2 different colors .. If you follow my mind you should put some red, put some really smooth orange/yellow gradient from left to right acoording to the fact that light comes down the windows...

I try to think about GI, and how light should propagate .. it helps for choosing colors

At last, maybe its overcold in there ... just changing color should heaten up the whole scene

Anyway keep going this way, youre almost there

06 June 2002, 12:14 PM
Hiya Pistols,

Yes I know what you mean about the arches. It is too flat. And the tint <-> colours don't convince me either... I'll try something else tonight. The rivets are a good idea, but as the base texture is 512x512, it may appear too much blurred at rendering time.

As for the walls, yes, it is damn flat too. I think I should build a 3D model of it and render it as it would be if the scene was full 3D. That is the technique I used for the roof texture, and I think it worked pretty well, and especially pretty fast. With some touch ups after I think it can make a much better rendering than this !

And I have to agree too that the entire scene's mood is way too cold. And that's true that trying to "guess" how light should be diffused is a good way of simulating the aspect of the scene, but I guess too it is quite complicated :)

Anyway I'll give it a try tonight. Thanks a lot for your comments.

See ya !


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