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11 November 2003, 06:29 PM
The upcoming short "The Secret Joys of Myopia" by Keith Lango is no longer in production.

He seems to have had massive computer meltdowns, and he's lost everything, as he explains on his website:

I'm really going to miss that one.
oh, well... good luck with the next one, Keith.

11 November 2003, 06:37 PM
That's terrible to hear Keith! I was really looking forward to it ever since you showed us the scene files you were using during your talk here at Purdue University. That really stinks that a backup's backup failed, but I know you'll be able to move past that, and it's not that the knowledge you gained working on the project is lost, only data :)

Cheers to your future projects, and you know it only gets better from here on out. :beer:

11 November 2003, 06:42 PM
Im very sorry to hear about it - I was really looking forward for this one.

Your work is an inspiration for everyone who enjoys 3d animation, Keith. Hope you all the best...

11 November 2003, 06:47 PM
That is horrible.

I am glad I backup frequently. Wow.

Keith, I hope this does not discourage you from starting over, or a new short for that matter.

Keep the good entertainment coming.

11 November 2003, 06:50 PM
Scary.. makes me want to do more backups today ..

11 November 2003, 07:03 PM
Bloody hell....

We can only watch the downloaded clips from his site and imagine what was to come :(

Well, I wish Keith all the best with his next project (there just has to be one) and if he likes - I can send him 100 blank CD-R's.... :D

My Fault
11 November 2003, 07:44 PM
Oh man, how horrible. Luckily for us, this won't keep Keith down and I'm sure he is already planning his next short.

Go Keith!! :bounce:

11 November 2003, 10:55 PM
That is really awful Keith. A terrible feeling when work is lost.
I really hope you decide to start it up again though. If it was a good story, it should still be told. I know starting over can feel depressing, but maybe one day you'll be inspired to breathe life into Myopia again.
All the best,


11 November 2003, 02:12 AM
Awww, man, Keith I can't imagine what it felt like to watch the backups corrupt 24 hours after losing the initial data! Must've been hard to NOT feel like God was just having a bad day and taking it out on you.

That really is such a sad shame since your work's been an inspiration ever since you had that corn cob running around lord knows how many years ago!

Glad to hear you're keeping your head up... I say get a refund from the data recovery people! :beer:


11 November 2003, 03:48 AM
That is truly anyone here's worst nightmare and terrible news. Well, as you say on your site, Onward and Upward!

11 November 2003, 03:57 AM
Really,really bad misfortune, Keith;
As you've mentioned, what are the odds of both these situations arising simultaneously????

Just yesterday I was excitedly discussing your project with Jim Thacker (Ed. at '3D World magazine) along with progress on 'Animwatch' etc.

Now this: Boy, do I feel for you - seriously :cry:

I wish you all the best in getting back up and running emotionally, tho' it's both inspiring and encouraging to hear that you're waxing philosophical about this tragedy - ie: counting your blessings in respect of the loved ones around you :)


11 November 2003, 05:07 AM
Man that's horrible!!

My hard drive got messed up a few weeks ago and I got everything back. As long as you don't write anything else to the drive you can sometimes get things back. And when you delete something in windows it doesn't actually delete it, it just sort of hides it until you overwrite it with something else.

11 November 2003, 07:01 AM
Wow. Hey thanks, guys. Your kindness means alot. Heck, I didn't figure it would be big news or anything. Imagine my surprise when I log in here and see a thread about it. Heh. But don't weep for me. It's all good. If everything in life worked out perfectly what'd be the fun in that? :D

As for finishing it some other day later on, I doubt I will. I won't say never because life is too weird to say never about anything. Who knows? In the meantime I plan on writing up a brief tutorial on the render style so that others can benefit from the work put in. That was always the plan, but I figured I'd do that when the project was over. Well, seems now's the time. :)

As for not getting down, don't worry about me. You appreciate life's adventures and relationships for what they are each day you have them. Life is pretty short, I can't see spending much time with regret. Myopia was a blast while it was going. Sure it kinda sucks that it met an untimely end, but I still enjoyed it. And others did as well, as much as they could. And if I can share what I've learned and it can still be a blessing to others, then that means that the project still met it's goal, just in a different fashion than originally planned. I know that I've been blessed by the kind words of encouragement that I've recieved. So it's all good.

And yeah, I've got the beginnings of another idea already cooking. Something smaller this time. I'm sure I'll put stuff up from that when the time comes. In the meantime I guess I'll try to have double backups from now on. Although that sounds a bit obsessive. :D


11 November 2003, 07:22 AM
waah, was really looking forward to this one too :cry:

well, i admire your great positive attitude Keith, keep it up :thumbsup: and i'm sure everyone including myself is really looking forward to seeing what new stuff you come up with after this terrible incident. better luck next time.

11 November 2003, 07:45 AM
Originally posted by keithlango
In the meantime I guess I'll try to have double backups from now on. Although that sounds a bit obsessive. :D

RAID...mirror RAID

glad to hear you are positive about starting on another idea.
good luck Keith, I look forward to seeing it.

11 November 2003, 07:57 AM
That's really horrible. :(

However, in the era of DVD burners and or networking physically different machines together, how could this happen, especially if you backed up weekly for example? Could the source files at least been backed up on CD, so to only lose a couple weeks work at most?

11 November 2003, 11:20 AM
Originally posted by private
That's really horrible. :(

However, in the era of DVD burners and or networking physically different machines together, how could this happen, especially if you backed up weekly for example? Could the source files at least been backed up on CD, so to only lose a couple weeks work at most?

I agree 100%. You'd think that would be good enough. Funny thing, that's what I had set up. But even then, there's the slimmest of chances that both computers can go bad at the same time and the offline media can be bad. The odds are so small as to be next to impossible. But that's what happened to me- the next to impossible.
There is no perfect backup solution on the planet. It's all about risk assessment and redundancy within the framework of practicality (the goal was to make a film, not be an IT hobbyist at home :D ). When the "perfect storm" of the worst case scenario happens, there's just not much you can do except sit and watch it all go up in smoke. Mine wasn't a case of not having any backups. It was a case of the nearly impossible becoming possible and in so doing rendering all my reasonable efforts for data preservation as futile.

Sometimes you just gotta know when your butt has been kicked. :)


11 November 2003, 01:53 PM
I don't understand how offline (backed up on a DVD or CD) could go bad. Burn and check. Sure, it's not as quick as just copying over to another hard drive, but having a hard copy is always the absolute best way, isn't it? Sorry, don't want to beat a dead horse, especially when you down. My deepest sympathies to you. Just start again! :thumbsup:

11 November 2003, 02:39 PM
terrible news about the short. but, keeping a positive outlook about it is great! these kinds of things always happen for a is directing you towards something new. good luck:)

11 November 2003, 03:00 PM
CDs have a half-life around 100 years, sometimes the cheapest and easiest is most practical, but ya don't let life get you down. Keep hammering. :wip:

11 November 2003, 03:57 PM
Keith, first off, I am really sorry to hear you had some much work going to smoke.

To continue it's not entirely true that CDs have a life of a 100 years. Maybe the factory CDs, but not the consumer burnable ones. This is because CD-R/RW's use an organic dye and guess what, organics go to waste over time.
I read this somewhere not long ago. You should do a check on older work of at least 2 years of age and see if it needs to be re-back upped.

Some brands are better than others, it's a bit of a hit and miss affair as even two production runs might not have the same quality.

Well I hope future projects will work out all the better for you !

My Fault
11 November 2003, 05:07 PM
The reality is that sometimes backups fail, even CD's. I know I went through a ton of backups last night from the previous year and about 3% of my CD's had gone tits up. How a CD that has been stored carefully could go bad and another CD right next to it, stored the same way is still fine.... well I am sort of baffled. Needless to say I'm going to me even more careful and overly redundant in the future.

Now I'm eager to see what the ingenious Mr Lango comes up with next.

11 November 2003, 05:08 PM
Kinda odd to read about your double backup loss, when this very week at work we lost our main server AND 1 hr backup, good thing we still had the 24 hr backup and the 1 week backup.

11 November 2003, 07:29 PM
keith, you rock, i love your attitude. thanks for being an inspiration to those of us just starting out and i can't wait to see what you come up with next :buttrock:


11 November 2003, 08:16 PM
hey keith,

i'm pretty certain that all is not lost... between 2 systems and the cd media the odds are that atleast one of them can be recovered:

either send the HDs to a professional data recovery firm or try a CD recovery program which can in some cases get past nasty scratches, bad errors in the ink and bad leadins on the disc. i've heard of stories where they've recovered data from HDs that were submerged in water for weeks.

for example: <this company is the granddaddy of them all (read their Meusuem of Disk-asters)

it really all comes down to if you're willing to plunk down a large chunk of change to save your data.

-mental :surprised

11 November 2003, 10:24 PM
On Keith's website he notes that he's already spent over a thousand dollars trying to recover the data.. :/

11 November 2003, 10:50 PM
God gives...and God takes.

Thanks for the reminder that sometimes his plans are different than ours.


11 November 2003, 11:34 PM

Gosh, I'm sorry to hear about your heart-crushing experience, sometimes things just don't go the way we would like, as with good, comes bad - that's life.

You're taking it very well, especially the positive outlook on your new ideas, and the help you will give to others with the tutorial, shows incredible thoughtfulness, acceptance, and positivity, something I personally could not even consider within 2 years after if an event like this happened to me, good solid 2 months of rocking in the fetal position, and years of whining for me :)

I look forward to your next piece, your short "Lunch" had a big impact on me, I've always considered you a very creative artist, thank you, and best of luck.

11 November 2003, 03:06 AM

I guess im one among the many that was really, really, looking forward to seeing this on a big screen someday...and i really do feel sad about this....almost feels like some personal loss.....i have your trailer on my desktop and make it a point to watch at least once a week.....especially when i was feeling bummed...and it sure as hell cheered me up!...oh!well

I totally appreciate how gamely you are taking this Keith!!I would have prolly put a gun to my head or somethin...:surprised kiddin..

Yes, i guess one has to keep looking forward and move on....I wish you all the best with your future work and surely hope to see lots more of your amazing animation and characters....and im will soon come up with somethin wayyy awesome!

Rock on bro!!

11 November 2003, 03:37 AM
Damn I'm sorry for your loss. Your tutes are an inspiration to all.

I've been working on a large project too, and the best process I've found of backing things up might be worth sharing. CDs and DVDs are TERRIBLE! They DO go bad. All the time. Here's my method of a cheap backup alternative.

-Network 2 computers.
-Get online hosting, cheap places like Lunarpages or Hostway give enough space and reliably back stuff up.
-Buy a Backup Drive. Acomdata is good.

1. Create your project (say Maya projects) and add a xxxBackups folder. Periodically dump your version-ups into that folder. This is for scene overwrites.

2. Create a folder mirroring your project, but minus hefty files like photoshop files, playblasts, rendered images. Just the essential scene/texture/sound files. Copy it over the network to the other computer.

3. Attach the backup drive to that computer and copy to the backup drive.

4. WinAce or Winzip the files and set that computer to upload to your hosting site online. I prefer Winace set to Fast Compression, Recovery options, 1024k dictionary... much better than Winzip and less prone to corrupt.

You'll have 2 hardrives, a backup drive, an online "drive" and your hosting service's own backup service as a last line of defense. If you burn the occasional DVD too, you've got 5 cheap backups not counting your hosting service's. And easy to manage too. It's pretty easy to do every other day, and even during your work time since the second computer running is doing all the uploading/copying/zipping.

12 December 2003, 05:23 AM
Late coming to this thread, but sorry for what happened to ya Keith.

While I've never lost data from my computer, I have had an entire novel manuscript stolen before I had made any flippen photocopies! (I write longhand). But it taught me that creativity is bountiful and endless- written plenty of others since.

Look forward to your tutes on your render methods!:thumbsup:

12 December 2003, 07:42 PM
Originally posted by keithlango
As for not getting down, don't worry about me. You appreciate life's adventures and relationships for what they are each day you have them. Life is pretty short, I can't see spending much time with regret.

You're positive attitude about this is a nice reminder of the best way to handle setbacks.

Years ago I lost animations I had been working on all year. At the time, 5.25 and 3.5" floppies were the only backups I had. I then had a hard drive crash and then discovered that ALL my floppies went bad.

Of course, I've moved on since (that was almost 10 years ago), but I'd be lyin if I said I have gotten over it... although it has sure taught me that backup schedules at home should be as tight as the solutions I impliment at work.

- Jeremy

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