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11 November 2003, 01:00 AM
Hey guys, a friend of mine OWNS Maya 4.5 for OSX. (mac)
He's not too computer saavy and is having problems, I'm trying to help him figure out why his Maya doesn't work.
He has a previous version of Maya 3.5 on his ROOT directory of his mac hardrive. When you try to open Maya 4.5, it tells you "Error: Could not open license file: I/O error in aw_licencseFileOpen()"
I'm thinking there may be a conflict with the 3.5 license...??
Trouble is we can't seem to TRASH Maya 3.5. When you try to throw 3.5 away you get this error: "The operation could not be completed becuase this item is owned by the root."
I'm thinking there is some kind of permission problem with 3.5 that is making it so I can't throw it away. (delete it I mean) and even assuming I knew how to change the permissions on the maya 3.5 program and was able to delete it, that may not get rid of the license file for 3.5, right? WHERE is that held on the HD? How can I (a) get rid of 3.5 and (b) get the mac to recognize the new license from 4.5 instead?
Any help would be extremely appreciated, thanks so much.

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