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11 November 2003, 10:36 PM
This is my latest work.
These are socalled 'Digi-eggs'. You can digitally adjust the saltpercentage and the temperature of the egg and then eat it

I hope that you can give me some constructive comments.

-UPDATE- : Picture (

11 November 2003, 06:28 AM
Here's a larger picture (

I would really appreciate some comments on how to make it look more realistic.

11 November 2003, 06:30 AM
hey thats a nice concept! great thinking!:thumbsup:

i think u should apply some realistic materials, and adjust the lighting a bit.

11 November 2003, 09:56 AM
hehe boerenbont :p

11 November 2003, 01:54 PM
boerenbont indeed :)

@charithmax: Can you give me some concrete tips of what I could adjust exactly ? At this point, I don't really know HOW I can improve it.

11 November 2003, 03:58 PM
I like that you call it a "revolution". Because it's.....eggs... :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:

11 November 2003, 04:00 PM
I think you got a good thing going here: Crits:

believe that the egg texture isnt right. Looks like it could be a lil more white and also a lil less shinney. Maybe even a very slight bump or grain to it. hehe just get an egg and look at it :)

also the crack seems to be wrong. this may sound silly, but just get that same egg your looking at for the textures and see how it cracks in that situation and i think you'll have your answer

11 November 2003, 08:22 PM
Thanks for the comments.

I'll crack an egg and look at it, and then improve my image.
About the bumpmap: there is one on it allready, if you look closely you'll see it. I've been looking to real eggs for some times and noticed that when you don't look closely, you don't see the bump on the surface. That's why I left the bumpmap this way.

About the color, I've been experimenting with this quite much, and this was the best I could get....

Some update's (mostly lightning) (

11 November 2003, 09:43 PM
the scene looks good but it looks to bright... you should tone down the brightnes on it a bit.... it should look a bit better then...
and make the shadows a lil more softer... if you can... maybe not use a spot light... maybe an area light or something.... also what did you use to make this.... like stats as in

3ds maya whatever

also I am wondering where you aquired that digital font at.. I have been hunting for something like that forever.. I would really like to know.. you can PM me or something if you want to..

11 November 2003, 12:56 PM
Thanks for the comments. I'll post a new image soon.

I use 3dsmax5 + Brazil.
The font is just straight from photoshop, it's called 'Monotype Corsiva'

11 November 2003, 07:28 PM
thanx man....

ya try using an area light... a brazil rectangle it should give you softer shadows...

11 November 2003, 09:10 PM
make it more hires. like the idea.

11 November 2003, 10:30 PM
here goes some crits:

the inside part of the eggs are kinda "wet" try to improve that; the egg itself looks too plastic, change the shader a lil' bit; use a bump map on the egg, they're not perfectly smooth;the cracks aren't right as riddler? said; the lighting still needs some (but it already is much better than the first render :thumbsup: ); another thing that really caught my attention is that the egg is filled to the top with yolk (is this the word?), when it doesn't...actually, i think it wouldn't appear at all from the angle that the camera is.

i also think that the render shows too much of the table, why don't you try to make a render more rectangular(?)...i think it would look nicer!

great idea!
waitin for updates:D

11 November 2003, 03:47 PM
I've changed a lot of things. Thanks for your comments so far!

Picture (
The glow didn't work out totally well, so tonight I'll make a new render with glow.

More comments would really be appreciated.

11 November 2003, 01:55 AM
There's a very harsh contrast between the digital readout and the eggshell, and it gives the illusion that it was simply drawn on top of the image in photoshop.

Try thinking of how this digital display actually got on the egg. Was it grown that way? Did a machine implant the device after the egg was created? Is the entire egg artificial? Then try to give some more charecterisitics to the egg.
You could try deforming the eggshell slightly around the display, like the shell had grown around it. Or you could put some tiny wires going here and there.
Just some ideas :)

Also, eggshell is not completely opaque. If you hold an egg up to a bright light, you can see the yolk in the middle. So if you where to add some translucency to the eggshell, it might help. Also, you could add some secondary cracks in the shell.

I like the picture, very amusing concept. :thumbsup:

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