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04 April 2012, 08:18 AM
Hello. Every one, My name is Kunal Mazumdar. I have decided to take part in this contest. I want to model a female 3D model who is both beautiful and dangerous. So, I search for some inspirations and got few concept images. I really like the following one. Hence I have finallized her as my inspiration and I will create her in 3D using Maya, Muddbox. My final model will be little different form her. As I have decided to change some stuffs, like the big gun with M4. As I think M4 is very potent and realistic weapon. Also for the small weapon, I will use Glock. As this small weapon is very beautiful yet lethal.

I have named her as "Urban Beauty Athena". I choose Athena is the goddess of death.

I will block the female mesh in Maya. Also the prop models (not detailed) in Maya. Than bring them to Muddbox to give the fine details. After completing everything in Muddbox, Than I will bring all them back in Maya and Render it. Also I will use Photoshop for texturing and color correction (if needed).

I have already started work on the female mesh and also on the props. So, I am posting it all the WIPs here. I hope both my work and effort will be appreciated.

I will post more WIPs in next few days.

Reference Images


[img] ( (

M4 Gun (

Glock Gun (

The WIP images are

Lady Character WIP images

Front view (

Back view (

M4 Gun WIP images ( (

Glock Gun WIP images ( (

04 April 2012, 03:08 PM
ok, I am working on the main character mesh in Maya. My aim to finish some good detail on the model on Maya, than take the mesh to Muddbox. And sculpt those minute details and paint the maps in Muddbox. After that take every thing to maya and render it.

So, to work efficiently I have thoroughly look the character. Than I have identify the areas where to work and divided them like.

1. The face.

2. The Neck.

3. The upper torso part.

4. The Hands.

5. The Lower torso.

6. The foots\shoes.

7. The weapons\props.

So, I have made the whole character mesh. Than separating the sub part (like the hands), giving details on them in maya, than export them to Muddbox for final details and than import them to Maya. Apply all the Maps, Textures etc and combine everything. And finally render my work. I think my plan is sounding little complex, but any way I am following this plan for my work. And for the props\weapons of this model, yes I am also working on them. The M4 is about completed in maya and also the Glock is near to complete. Once My main character mesh is done, I will quickly finish them off.

I do not know my work is worth for this competition or not. The judges will decide it. But I am making sure my work is worth of my effort, time and talent.

I will again update my work images in next 2/3 days. ( ( ( ( ( ( (

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