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04 April 2012, 10:05 PM
im pretty sure you see these kind of post day in day out, so sorry for that, but i really tried to find answers here, and google, and pretty much everywhere and it only left me more confused.

so to make things easier ill try to sum it all up to couple of questions.
anyhow, im 22 yo , from israel, and really passionate for Animation and VFX.
for the past couple of months , and for the next year, im working very very hard to save penny to penny for education in the US.
the thing is, as mentioned, i got so confused , and i dont want to waste hard earned money and time.
the plan is to start fall next year, and trying to be responsible , im trying to do my research on which university or collge to go.
so i looked up a couple, including Ringling, AAU in San Francisco, SVA and RIT in NY , SCAD and many more, which left me with some fundamental (i believe) questions, that i just cant find answers for.

first of, for now, the most seriously considered uni' was AAU, the price is alright compare to others, the surrounding is good , and it looks professional and friendly.

but the reviews are just awful , everything from the price to the teachers is wrong and the attitude is uncaring .

should i take reviews seriously? most of them are year old at least and not from student of my department (Animation and VFX)
if AAU considered expensive , about 20K, am i missing something with the others? or maybe with this one? please help me figure out what exactly im looking for when trying to calculate the fees.
all in all , just some guide lines on how to choose the right place, professional-wise and money-wise.

sorry for the long post, but its really every thing im hoping for and im lost =(

thank you so much for your time

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04 April 2012, 10:05 PM
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