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03 March 2012, 10:07 AM
Hi, I am trying to write a simple script that will allow me to create a point helper(s) at the pivot(s) of a selected object/objects. I have looked on scriptspot but the available script is no longer available. I use MEL mostly and understand the basic requirement for doing this requirement in MAYA, but am having problems getting the for loop right. I have made a start which makes a point helper at the origin for each of the selected objects which are in an array, but I am just having a bit of a stumble at the syntax for writing the rest. Not sure if I need a counter for loop such as:

for (i = 0; i == names_array.count; i++)

but am not sure if the syntax is correct.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I have some Maxscript resources to go through, but am pressed at the moment to be able to divert any time to absorb it and am hoping to get a quicker response that I can implement asap. The code below is probably in need of tidying up, but seems to be a decent start.

Many thanks in advance.

names_array = for i in $* collect
sort names_array

for i in 1 to names_array.count do

Point pos: [0,0,0]


03 March 2012, 10:21 AM
i'd do something like:

selectionArray = selection as array

for i = 1 to selectionArray.count do
myPoint = Point pos: selectionArray[i].pivot = ("Point_"+selectionArray[i].name)

03 March 2012, 10:36 AM
hey Malcolm,

I wanted to same thing a while back, so wrote a quick script as part of my rigging toolbox. Hopefully it will be useful to pick apart and see what is going on - it's essentially matt's code with a UI!

rollout PointParentRo "Point Daddy" width:165 height:155
fn SetHelperDisplayFlags size cross centermarker box axistripod =
for i in selection where classof i == point do
i.size = size
i.cross = cross
i.centermarker = centermarker

colorPicker cpPt "" pos:[5,4] width:20 height:14
button btnCreatePoint "Create" pos:[84,108] width:77 height:42 autoDisplay:true
edittext edtPrefix "" pos:[21,85] width:136 height:14 enabled:false multiline:false
checkbox chkAddPrefix "" pos:[7,85] width:14 height:16 checked:false
checkbox chkCM "Center" pos:[31,33] width:53 height:16
spinner spnsize "Size" pos:[22,109] width:54 height:16 enabled:true range:[0,100,2]
GroupBox grpd "Display:" pos:[3,19] width:158 height:48
checkbox chkX "Cross" pos:[92,48] width:46 height:16 checked:true
checkbox chkBox "Box" pos:[31,48] width:45 height:16 checked:true
checkbox chkAx "Axis" pos:[92,33] width:43 height:16
checkbox chkObjwc "Use Object Wirecolor" pos:[32,3] width:120 height:18
checkbutton ckbLink "Make Parent" pos:[4,130] width:78 height:19 highlightColor:(color 8 61 138) checked:true
GroupBox grpn "Add Name Prefix" pos:[3,68] width:158 height:35

on btnCreatePoint pressed do
local _pts = #()
for i in selection do
mpt = point transform:i.transform wirecolor:(if chkObjwc.checked then i.wirecolor else CpPt.color) name:(uniquename (edtprefix.text + "PointControl_")) size:spnSize.value cross:chkX.state center:chkCM.state box:chkBox.state axistripod:chkAx.state
append _pts mpt
if ckblink.checked then i.parent = mpt
select _pts
on chkAddPrefix changed state do edtPrefix.enabled= state
on chkCM changed state do
SetHelperDisplayFlags spnSize.value chkX.state chkCM.state chkBox.state chkAx.state
on spnsize changed val do
SetHelperDisplayFlags val chkX.state chkCM.state chkBox.state chkAx.state
on spnsize buttondown do flagForeground selection true
on spnsize buttonup do flagForeground selection false
on chkX changed state do
SetHelperDisplayFlags spnSize.value chkX.state chkCM.state chkBox.state chkAx.state
on chkBox changed state do
SetHelperDisplayFlags spnSize.value chkX.state chkCM.state chkBox.state chkAx.state
on chkAx changed state do
SetHelperDisplayFlags spnSize.value chkX.state chkCM.state chkBox.state chkAx.state
createdialog PointParentRo style:#(#style_toolwindow, #style_sysmenu)

03 March 2012, 07:11 PM
thanks very much guys, this is a massive help. am having lots of fun getting used to Maxscript again, so this is truly appreciated. :applause:

Hope I can return the favour one day.

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