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03 March 2012, 03:13 PM
hei all,

this is my long overdue progress thread :)

i have many small details to flesh out on my project. i'll be posting those here with major evolvements in the normal challenge area.

all critiques please, especially the negatives are desired....



[current composition]

i was struggling to find the right color flow while working on the television... wood tones just ended up blending with the character surface... so my wife says "go with orange, it represents crazy anyway." its' quite strong, but really working to draw the eyes in i believe... the curling on the couch and angles of limbs helps to keep you visually moving around the character i hope.

also a coincidental note, while checking the colors i got a surprise when reviewing the Pantone 2012 spring color chart this past week... if you get a chance to, take a look at it. (

03 March 2012, 03:16 PM
[ engine vapor ]

so, in my character sheet i am planning to "simulate" a particle like effect for the engines vapor/ anti-gravity field. i'm trying to learn the dynamics system in Maya, (struggling i must say), and just needed to atleast get something represented in Mudbox for the challenge.. here's what i've come up with.

... unfortunately, it does not show up so well with a dark background >.<

03 March 2012, 03:20 PM
[engine housing]

... a quick shot of the engine housing that most likely will not be seen so well in the final render, but i've been working on alot of details that may not be seen in the final shot :)

here i'm showing how i froze the rivets and fuel connection plug while using sculpt layers to create a near "iron cast" like effect for the panels.

03 March 2012, 03:25 PM
[tv components]

.. as in my concept sketches, i have been also working on adding many details on the backside of the television (oh and also on the couch). these details may not be seen in the beauty shot, but i will be trying to place them somehow in my model sheets (if that is appropriate).

here is a shot of one element, the battery terminals with some corrosion. the pits are sculpted in two layers, and i've applied both a specular and gloss mappings. the diffuse is a single layer, and i used the built-in "rust" texture to paint a teal like effect on both the terminal and battery case.

03 March 2012, 05:04 AM
... completed work on remote, now for final stuff.

not 100% sure about the white color... will see later how things come together.

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03 March 2012, 05:04 AM
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