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11 November 2003, 10:57 PM
Hello everyone.

I'm an architect and I've been using computer as a tool for drawing since 1995.

I always used Macintosh, altough PCs in the architecture world is the main plataform till last year when, due to the Apple lattest events such as adopting a new OS system and FORGETTING about the old one and its respective users ( and also the prices charged here in Brazil that makes it dificult to upgrade to new systems such as G4s and G5s ), I decided to migrate to the PC world - kind of that switch campaign from apple backwards. With all that said, I also decided to relearn everything from the bottom. From drawing 2Ds, modeling 3Ds, texturing and even animate.

While in Macintosh, I use to work CAD drawings in Vectorwork ( still using it on PC ) and also I use to model architecture 3D in Vector or Form-Z and export it to Art-Lantis to apply texture, lights and render. Now I'm learning AutoCad and working on a few tutorials for 3D Max, Maya and LightScape.

My question is: could I suggest to make an Architecture CG specific forum??

Could you guys could make me suggestions on how to start modeling architecture elements such as walls, windows, doors, roofs etc? In Vectorworks I used to take the 2D drawing and extrude the walls, inserting holes as windows and doors, defining 3D locus points in particular world coordinates so I could them draw polygon surfaces clicking on those points etc, etc, etc... The thing is I'm really used with the whole coordinate system and the architecture way to draw ( precise drawings, with distances and snap all the time, diferent from the freely enviroment found in Maya ), after all I'm an architect. So, what could you suggest me to start with? 3D MAX? If so, where could I get tutorials for step by step modeling of an architectural model?

Well, hope someone out there can help me find a light in this tunnel.

tresD ;)

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