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11 November 2003, 11:31 AM
This is another project done by some old college friends and I.
This was created about a year ago for the 2003 IGF. It has many flaws because it was our first major project with the Virtools Development kit, so it was a learning experience all around.

The game is a 3D parody of the old Lemmings titles. Some of the old team members may have posted about the game before, but the installer was probably never posted here.
In this game the Lemmings are swarming over the earth. They swarm through different continents, different timelines, what have you. Your job is to stop them (unlike the original games where you had to help them survive), and you stop them by planting traps in their path.
The current demo features one level from the medieval themed settings. The lemmings are all themed in the same manner as the environments, so instead of the usual lemmings you have knight lemmings, peasant lemmings, king lemmings, and so on.

Game play breaks down into two stages, Planning stage and Action stage. The planning stage gives you a few seconds to look over the layout of the level, survey the possible paths the lemmings will take, and plant a few traps here and there.
Controls for the game are given at the beginning of play, but it will probably take you several plays to get used to them and what the different traps do. The only truly useful traps in this version are the regular mines and cluster mines. The other traps are still fun to play with, but you'll do the most damage with those two.
Many of the traps didn't even make it into this version of the game, so the balance in this demo is *severely* off. The demo itself probably isn't beatable at all. ;)

That being said, below are some screenshots of the game in action, and you can download the Windows installer here. ( (38.8MB)
Or here ( if the above link is not working.

I recommend having at the minimum a 1.5 Ghz PC with a GeForce 3 or equivalent video card.


11 November 2003, 11:45 AM
Here's some more info on what I contributed to the project (aside from copious amounts of pessimism) ;)

I was the environment lead on this project. I designed, modeled and textured all the environments in the demo.
Originally there were multiple themes planned, in the end four full environments were actually completed: one tutorial level (original lemmings theme) and three medieval themed levels including this one.
Of the other themes, feudal japan, was nearly completed but did not have time to be implemented, let alone the other two stages in the medieval world.
(The feudal japan stages were designed by another artist involved in the production).

Stage requirements were that they be levels with multiple pathways, always forward flowing, no sharp corners or culdesacs where the AI may get stuck, and never less than one parallel pathway at a time.
Levels were limited to a 60k poly-count, of which I came in well under at 53k total.

Texture requirements were rather high for the time, coming in around 25MB for the first stage alone. (live and learn), though this didn't slow the game down terribly in the end, on the original development machines (~1Ghz - 1.5Ghz) it didn't run too hot.

In addition to the level designs I also created the majority of the special effects and explosions, which took the form of particle effects.

You can find more info on the game, plus screenshots of the stages, wireframes, and levels that didn't make it into the demo on my website.
A direct link to the Muridae Massacre section on my site can be found here. (

Though no development has been done on the game since 2002, I figured I would show it off since I've been posting frequent projects lately anyhow. Feel free to comment on the gameplay, performance, graphical work, or anything else you feel like talking about. All comments are welcome and appreciated.

Please enjoy the game!

11 November 2003, 09:02 AM
Sorry about the inability to display screens or serve the download.
My website is back up so anyone the least bit interested is invited to check out the demo. I switched net hosts as well, though the images and download here are being served from the old site still I'll switch them over ASAP.

Hopefully it stays alive this time. Thanks for your patience.

11 November 2003, 09:27 AM
wow, this sounds great!
and it looks awesome too :)

I'm downloading it right now and get back to you later.

Edit/ The images on your site doesn't show... might be just for me though /Edit

Edit2/ lol... just played thegame, it was fun :) I've always thought the lemmings was booring, but this was realy entertaining. The only sad thing is that the lemmings got stuck and just walked around and around and around... Thats when the dummy comes handy :) (love that dummy)/Edit2

11 November 2003, 06:28 PM
the art is pretty clean, I like it. Altho I can't really judge the game as a whole since there's only one level and I must admit, it wasn't very entertaining, but not too bad either. The concept is good but IMO you should brush it up a bit. Keep up the good work. BTW I really liked the camera movement at the beggining.

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