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View Full Version : Pause script for user input

03-09-2012, 09:07 PM
I have some cases where I need to pause the execution of a script, ask the user to make a decision about something, and then resume based on their answer. Usually, a simple querybox is fine, but sometimes I want more than just a yes or no answer. In those cases, I need to make my own rollout with the appropriate buttons, but I've never been able to find an elegant way to just stop the script and wait for one of the buttons to get pressed. The way I've been doing it is to create one function that starts the process and creates the rollout. And then have a "continue" function that is called from within the rollout itself, so that clicking one of the buttons calls the continue function and passes in some value that tells me which one they've pressed.

Is there a simpler way that doesn't involve multiple functions and can just be called within the main function so that the script will pause and wait? Will using a .Net MessagBox stop MaxScript execution? What about using a modal dialog? I haven't tried either of those, but they just came to me as I was writing this. :)

03-09-2012, 09:23 PM
not sure if modal really stops script execution, it still reacts to use input
But It even stops some parts of Max's main message loop
eg. progressive viewport updates are not occuring when a modal dialog is opened via maxscript ...


just tested and yes, modal blocks further script execution, but still allows you to react on UI input on the current (modal dialog). As you can see the code is blocking exactly on the creatdialog line, even DestroyDialog() cause exeuction to be continued after that line...

-- modal test
rollout modalRollout "Test"
label test "TestLabel"
button btTest "Close Me"

on btTest pressed do
DestroyDialog modalRollout

createdialog modalRollout modal:true

for i=1 to 10 do
print i
sleep 0.5

03-09-2012, 11:05 PM
as spacefrog said the solution is very simple. just popup a modal dialog.

03-09-2012, 11:28 PM
something like this:

try(destroydialog mainRol) catch()
rollout mainRol ""
checkbutton cacl_bt "2 X 2" width:60 across:3
label lb "=" offset:[8,3]
edittext tx text:"???" width:54 readonly:on offset:[0,2]

fn ask result:"" =
rollout askRol "Do you know?"
local result = if result == undefined then "" else result
local action

edittext tx text:result rewidth:40 offset:[0,0]
button yes_bt "Yes" width:60 across:2
button no_bt "No" width:60

on yes_bt pressed do
result = tx.text
action = #yes
destroydialog askRol
on no_bt pressed do
result = "---"
action = #no
destroydialog askRol
on askRol close do
if action != #yes do result = "---"
askRol.result = result
createdialog askRol modal:on
on cacl_bt changed state do if state do
tx.text = ask result:tx.text
cacl_bt.state = off
createdialog mainRol

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