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02 February 2012, 12:38 PM
Hi, i read a lot of tutorial about scripted plugin but i realized that there are too many limitation.
For a game script i need to represent a "surface of vector", the problem is that i can't use a Point for each vector, the 3dstudio scene will slow a lot.
So i made some test:
plugin simpleObject SuperMesh
category:"Scripted Primitives"
local handle = 0
parameters main rollout:params
height type:#worldUnits default:10
width type:#worldUnits default:10
--depth type:#worldUnits ui:depth default:0

rollout params "Two Faces Parameters"
--spinner height "Height" type:#worldunits range:[-1000,1000,0]
--spinner width "Width" type:#worldunits range:[-1000,1000,0]

on buildMesh do
N = 10
di = width/(N-1.0)
M = 10
dj = height/(M-1.0)
verts = #()
verts.count = N*M
for i=1 to N do for j=1 to M do verts[i+N*(j-1)] = [(i-1)*di,(j-1)*dj,0]
setMesh mesh verts:verts faces:#()
fn setObjProp =
$.vertexticks = True
$.name = uniqueName "SoldierLines-"
handle = $.handle
tool create
on mousePoint click do case click of
1:(nodeTM.translation = gridPoint ; setObjProp())
2: #stop
on mouseMove click do case click of
width = gridDist.x
height = gridDist.y

With this solution i can store a lot of information in the Parameters, the Mesh's vertex can rappresent fast the start of each vector, but there are a big issue:
1) I can't change number of points --> the solution can be a script what convert a default mesh into SuperMesh
2) I can't edit information for each vector --> the solution can be apply a Edit_mesh modifier to change start of vector
3) I can't change the vector orientation , apply a normal modifier can be a perfect solution but work only for a mesh with face...
4) i can't represent the "chain" for sorting points

Can someone help me to build this little and very complicated script ?

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02 February 2012, 12:38 PM
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