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11 November 2003, 06:14 PM
Hey all,

I was wondering if any of you can help me out with this problem I am having when I apply a large texture to an object in Max 6. You see, I am working on a short animation that has very involved scenes and whenever I attempt to apply one of my very high rresolution textures to my scene, it gives me this error: Image I/O Error - Invalid File Header. Also at times it will give me this error: I/O Error - Memory Error. Now, this also happens on another machine I have, so i know it isn't a hardware problem.
What happens is, when i open one of my scenes in Max 6, I'll have a brand new high res texture applied to an object and it will work nicely for about the first 10 times i open max up and work in it.....But then sooner or later when i open the file up, the texture would just be gone....that object would be completely without a texture. Then when i try to re-apply it, it would give me these errors i mentioned.

Can someone please help me out with this? I am so close to finishing this animation and it's so frustrating.


11 November 2003, 06:47 PM
Ut sounds like Max cannot resolve the compression on the image, Try a different image format or disable any compression on the image (i.e. zip, rle on tiffs). Also perhaps Max doesn't like the bit depth your using on that particular format...

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