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02 February 2012, 04:33 PM
My current project, which snuck up on in between doing book covers and editing my daughter's books has become quite complex. But the lighting is the worst. Modeling and texturing, no sweat. Lighting, even after all these years I'm still struggling with it. I'm in Max 9 and Vray, FYI.

My lighting is coming from bio luminescence. Basically, it's an alien world, inside a building. But I have no clue, really, how to make light look bioluminescent. I know it will have some color. I also know I'll have to add some projection lights to give the lights patterns. But how do I make it look bioluminescent. Does it cast shadows? And what should the plant pods that cast the light look like?

See, the challenging part is this. The human mind has a tendency to see patterns in random noise and shapes and such. It's why we see cloud shapes and faces in the texture of walls and so forth. Our minds crave patterns. On this world, that recognition is so profound that there are literally patterns in everything. Nothing is random. It's also a very organic world. No metals, everything is organically based. This will be a series, which is what I've been doing a lot lately, like my last Lost Souls series. I have to show various alien objects well enough to see them clearly.

So I can really use a few wise suggestions as to how to play with the lights to do what I want. Lighting is really my weakness.

02 February 2012, 08:25 AM
It would help us to help you if you could post a few renders of what you've tired thus far....

02 February 2012, 06:30 PM
Depending on your resources I would make the shaders emit light, possibly apply some additional glow to that in post. It also sounds like you should look into creating some nice SSS shaders for the organic elements. Whether or not the bio luminescence casts shadows is up to you, it think it should if it's the primary light source in the scene. Theres a few ideas to get you going.

02 February 2012, 02:16 AM
Please put forward any image/render of your current or previous projects it will be a lot more help to understand your query.
As what I understand you are have issues creating Bio luminance and you might be trying something similar to Avatar, I would suggest you should try achieving that kind of effect in post if you don't have enough resources. which also gives you much better control too.
Don't depend too much on GI/GF solution for such effects as not only it would be difficult to control but also color bleeding might spoil some of the look you are trying to achieve.

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02 February 2012, 02:16 AM
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