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02 February 2012, 02:22 PM
Hi there everybody,

Nice to see this competition, it gives me the change to use an idea for a sculpture I've photographed in an Antwerp museum. The exposition was about life and death, and how different cultures through time had there own ideas and rites.

There was a large sculpture of an Costa Rican warrior, on a scaffold. I made 27, 4K photo's walking around it and some extra close-up shots. The lighting was far from perfect, but with a reasonably clear background and setting some higher exposure on some of the photo's there was enough detail in each.

I'll turn the photo's via 123D Catch ( into a 3D model and take it to 3DS Max 2012, retopologize and sculpt it in Mudbox 2012 to make him more Armed and Dangerous!
I'm not very experienced with Mudbox, but do know my way in 3DS, so for me the challenge is also to go through the whole workflow, from photo to mudbox and back to 3DS with all the maps and settings and all the things I see coming...

Hope you will enjoy the :lightbulb process is much as I do and I'll keep you posted with pics and vids.


02 February 2012, 12:48 PM

Photo's loaded into Photofly (now 123D Catch). He made a good model out of the 27 photo's. It helps he is standing on a scaffold and the lights add a lot of contrast which helps the software to understand the model beter. (Clear silhouette and shadows)

Here is a link to my Deviantart Gallery (

02 February 2012, 08:26 AM

Import into 3DS Max.
Note that there the model is made up from 3 seperate meshes which have to be Attached and Welded before use. Also watch the Material ID's. That way you will have one material with the whole texture in it. I'll need it later to project onto the retopo model.

First thing i always do is link all the Camera's to the Dummy (inside the model at 0,0,0) and put them in a seperate layer. This way you only have to scale the Dummy and the rest will always follow.

p.s. I walked a nice circle around the sculpture :D

02 February 2012, 08:30 AM

Ctrl-A and weld with very small threshold, so it wouldn't collapse some of the detail.
I didn't take the trouble of completely closing the model. It's only for reference need te surface for retopologizing.
The two textures sit together in a multi/sub material.

02 February 2012, 10:23 AM
Wow. Great to see someone using such a technique to get a base. It's come out in max really well too...

I'm looking forward to seeing this entry evolve :)

02 February 2012, 10:06 PM

Retopology of the head.
With the Graphite Modeling Tools made the edge flow just like the Mudbox base mesh...but then redone from scratch on the surface of the raw model.

p.s. thanks, I like laser scanning and software like 123D Catch

02 February 2012, 02:40 PM

Done with the retopology of the 123D model. The trophy head and weapon I'll do later.

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02 February 2012, 02:40 PM
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