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11 November 2003, 01:28 AM
searching for particle tutorials please help me:cry:

11 November 2003, 02:43 AM
STOP spamming. 3 threads is not good. if they have exactly the same content.

11 November 2003, 04:39 AM
Look ! Buddy, bud, bud.

You must keep tring to play around with the program.
keep playing and working until you are sick of it.
And what do you mean you cant find tutorials ?

What do you want to do with particles ?
be specific !

Chunky explosion ?
Hose thing ?
hair on fire ?
dust ?
Shockwave ?
twister ?
sparks ?
Trails ?
Following something ?

Thats HOT ! - >

Its all good....
And there are GREAT plugins to go with all this and make it twice as fun.

firestorm <- cool one


and goto <- click on "freestuff", this sites for more modeling then particles. <- click on "freestuff"

to get tutorials and plugins.

need anymore help, just ask.

You just have to look.
And i get frusterated too sometimes.
and please dont spam, buddy.
hey man, have fun.
Good luck.
look in the galleries as well.
Some of that sh!t is cool. CRAZY I tell you !
Some people are nuts ! WHO sits and works on ONE project that long ?
i mean ! are you mental ! Some people are just really good with 3ds max.
i mean, i have been playing around in 3ds max for like 5 years AND I dont
even have the pacients to sit and work on one thing for too long !


11 November 2003, 05:48 PM
i want to make a forest in the background
and a waterfall

11 November 2003, 03:51 AM
Hey thats cool,
what else ? did you get anywere ?
progress ? with the particles ? and how are the tutorials ? helpful ? hey man, show me something, or atleast tell me something.

forest, hummm. thats cool i guess. kinda hard ?
where do you stand on what you know ?
how long have you been working on max ?
i got so many questions. i know. just interested


11 November 2003, 10:55 AM
The Hunt has some Cool Forrests and a Nice little Waterfall.

Forgot the name of the Guy how did it, Mario something.

He might have some info on how he did it on his website. *I think*

11 November 2003, 11:03 AM

Marco Spitoni,

11 November 2003, 02:14 AM
in fact im studying computer graphics
and before i went to a cartoon school but now i am writing a scenario at the moment i want to make the first scenes of the film on my own make the character and then sell it to a producer or find free lancers to work with me but i dont know who to choose....

the tips i would like to know is how to make :

but in fact these are just for fun because i can make sketches on paper andthen give them to a 3d artist

11 November 2003, 02:16 AM
thx for help
do you have a web site......

(im nearly at the top of the list):hmm:

11 November 2003, 03:51 AM
I have A Great plugin that you should check out for max.
its called REACTOR.
and it comes with 3ds max 5.

its realllllly good for making water and a wake behind objectes in the water.
try it out,
what version of max do you use ?
max 5 has it built in.

tell me what you think of the program.
and read the help file in max help directory for Reactor.


11 November 2003, 06:49 AM
hi kastor

good to see you firing some 3ds max questions

here is another link for particle tuts from one of the best particle guys

hope it helps



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