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02 February 2012, 01:03 PM

I'm a hobbiest and since a few time I am switching from Cinema4D to blender (because of the money).

At the same time I try to have some fun with Zbrush and I wanted to combine this with my Blender Project.
Now I found the unofficial equivalent to goZ, named goB:

This works to swith the model between the programs although it is not so comfortable like the official ones.
Then I tryed a little project to sculpt and texture a dragon in zbrush and use this in blender. But at the end I only get a much too dark, nearly black, dragon.

I use:
Blender 2.61
Zbrush 4R2

So I...
in Blender:
- modeled a dragon (along a very good tutorial from cgcookie)
- made UVs
- transfered the model by goB to Zbrush

in Zbrush:
- used the imported tool and put the dragon on the canvas
- devided 3 times
- scupted
- painted with polypaint
- made texture from polypaint
- made normal and displacement map on lowest devision level
- transfered the model by clicking goZ

in Blender:
- imported the model
- added a modifier to the dragon: subdivision surface - 3 render divisions

Now the problem:
It's very dark and it's strongly reflecting - it ist really not the same like in zbrush.

My trys:
- reducing specularity in Blender -> better
- swithing off the displacement and normal maps -> still a black reflecting dragon
- trying the same procedere with Blender 2.59 (because goB is mabe for this but worked also so far with 2.61) -> same result

What I do wrong?

I attach:
- zbrush render -> this I want to have in blender
- blender render
- tex map


Please excuse my newbie german english, I do my very best. :)

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02 February 2012, 01:03 PM
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