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01 January 2012, 10:54 PM

I'm a new member to the cgsociety forum and was just looking for a few questions to be answered regarding 3d animation schools. Ever since graduating from the BFAA program at Sheridan College last year, I have found that prospects of working in the 2d animation industry have been slim and relatively marginal. I've found some work in a local studio but am hoping to turn my sights to the 3D industry. So I've began learning some 3D on the side and did some self-learning through books and online courses. I'm looking to study further towards the lines of 3d modeling, lighting and texturing, rigging, VFX, and also animation, but not as much. So, I began research on some 3D schools and now am having trouble deciding which is the best one to go to.

So far, I've sharpened my choices to: (I find that the top 3 schools are being talked about the most)

1) The Visual EFX program at SCAD:

2) The MFA course at USC:

3) The MFA course of Animation & Visual EFX at AUU:

4) The Computer Animation course at Sheridan:

5) The 3D Animation & Game Design course at Seneca:

Do any of you have any experience or advice about the these schools? Thanks!

02 February 2012, 06:50 PM
Hi there,

It partly depends on what field you want to specialize in, as you will find it quite difficult to find a job as a 3d generalist.

Actually all of this areas you mentioned are very specific, and once you try them all you will most likely know which one you are more keen to.

For animation Sheridan's Character Animation program (3d) seems to be good, as well as animation mentor, animschool and ianimate, all in which having a degree in arts or animation plus one of this "specialized animation schools" will already give you a significant boost.

For modeling or lighting or texturing or compositing (as well as concept art and matte painting), if you've got the cash Gnomon School is great. (as a side note I recently noticed that on their 2 year program they have a 97% placement rate and their alumni success stories speak for themselves). Ringling could be an option (but it is a 4 year degree), FuturePoly recently started as a small training center but I've heard it mainly aims at the gaming industry. Escape Studios in the UK seems to be VERY good for VFX and Compositing.


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02 February 2012, 06:50 PM
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