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11 November 2003, 03:19 PM
Hi all,

Im trying to create skin and of course the first thing I need to do is create some sort of noise base background for skin variation.

Rather then use the noise filter is there any other way I can do this? Noise seems to me to be extremely limited in this respect, ie it creates different colours and you can't control speckle sizes.

I've checked this guys tutorial out:

and well, it may just be me, but it makes no sense whatsoever when he talks about (the last 3 panels at the bottom of the page) 'adding diffusion' on 2 layers and voila, effect achieved! What diffusion is he talking about? The only I know of is in the filter/stylize menu and that doesnt do anything with just the base layers he says to create??

Please help, this is driving me nuts! :shrug:


11 November 2003, 06:56 PM
I'm working on skin textures also. I checked out that tutorial and at first I was lost too but I think I've found what he's talking about. In Photoshop, go to Filter>Distort>Diffuse Glow. The diffuse glow filter has 3 adjustable settings including graininess. He applied this filter then used a blur filter to soften it up a little.
You'll have to play around with the diffuse glow settings to get the desired effect but I tried it and it does get good results. Never would have known what this filter was good for if I hadn't read your post and reread that tutorial!

11 November 2003, 02:34 AM
Another way to do this:
create a new file. (preferably a power of 8 size, e.g. 256x256 pixels.)
pick two skin tone colours, one a kind of beige-orange, the other a pinky colour (make sure neither are too saturated.)
create 2 new layers.
fill each layer with one of the colours.
pick the top layer & set its blending mode to dissolve & opacity to about 80%
create a new layer & press (ctrl-E) to merge down. This allows you to edit the dissolve.
Use Gaussian blur filter - between 2 & 3.
Set the layer's blending mode to overlay & reduce opacity to about 50%
Add some noise - about 5 - 10% & uniform distribution.

for more colour variation, try playing with the pointillize filter, (a small cell size of 3-5 works best,) or you could create a new layer, fill with either 50% grey or your skin tone colour & then go to the channels & use the clouds filter in each of the R, G & B channels, (but not the top 'RGB' channel) then set the layer to soft light & adjust the opacity to taste.
You could also add another 50% grey layer, add some gaussian noise, monochromatic, about 1-3% & set the layer to overlay.
Now if you want, you can flatten the layers & choose edit/define pattern & use it to flood fill a larger file & use that as a base to paint on. Check for any obvious tiling & edit accordingly using either the high pass filter or else the good old clone stamp.
Hope this helps.

11 November 2003, 01:20 PM
allenatl: Cool thanks I think you worked it out exactly. Thats what he did nice piece of investigation!

Shogun: Thanks for the tips I'll get experimenting.

Thanks guys, Im going nuts no longer! :bounce:

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