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11 November 2003, 12:13 PM


This film has been posted here previously, although the version available for download wasnt great, and felt that it took quite a lot away from the film. A lot of details and even characters were simply lost, and its been noticed by people whove seen it from the master tapes on the big screen.

A quicktime is now available which has much better image quality, and is 47mb for broadband users. The smaller DivX is still available but doesnt really hold up.

So im very interested on comments and critiques. As i say this is a dead and buried film, im not touching it again - but am keen to hear views on it now that its much clearer. There isnt many movies in this forum, so i thought this might be okay for qualification.

Please delete the thread if its in violation though :)

Its also been uploaded via dialup in about 20 sessions, so im hoping its still in tact.

link: website (



Frank Dodd
12 December 2003, 10:32 AM
Fear not, your upload certainly works, I've downloaded and watched the animation without a hitch.

I can understand the need for the higher quality with the characters forms being made from wire they could easily disappear in some shots on low quality compression. I assume you used wire characters to add to the gloomy environment you were portraying. I found the wire characters to be very expressive in spite of their simple form and worked well in setting the mood and enacting the story.

I felt that the sets, although simple contexts, were well modelled and given real ambience with good attention to texture and lighting. The animation was also up to this standard and although not energetic, it was still eloquent.

Although some might say that the story was not very strong, I like to feel that it was quite open, which is a approach to an art form and gives people licence to interpret it based on their own experiences. Hopefully this is what you were aiming to achieve in which case it worked and gave the animated short some more freedom.

Well done in creating a well crafted piece of work.

12 December 2003, 09:17 PM
veeeery nice piece of work. i am not sure how the title fits into your piece. i dont know whos dad or whos son or wife or whatever. it doesnt really matter though. i fished my own point out.

this makes me wish i lived in an apartment complex...

12 December 2003, 09:49 PM
thats great, im just glad you took the time to watch it :)

01 January 2004, 09:28 PM
Personally I feel the environments are great and the iron wire characters are very inventive and original, but....
They don't go together very well. The busy backgrounds make it very hard to read the charcters movements and expressions, while the iron wire characters don't really work when shot from behind since by the time you discover what you're actually looking at you missed what was going on in the first place.

the iron wire seemed to work nicely with strong lit and brightly colored backgrounds so that could be an option for future use of such a way of working.

Still all together it's quite an achievement and you tell an intriguing tale there, thanks for that...

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