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01 January 2012, 04:48 PM
I need to shatter a bunch of objects, and the Shatter Script is being retarded and refusing to work as usual. Searching the internet for alternate ways, I saw a thread on another forum, where someone had run into the same brick wall (which refused to shatter no matter how much he butted his head against it) and got the recommendation to use DMM to create the actual shatter effect, but get around the limitations in it by using PhysX to create the actual simulation.
Now, I have barely touched DMM before today, mainly because I knew that it is limited in a way which makes it unusable in any proper capacity, so my question is:

Is it possible to do this, to plainly use the DMM plugin as an alternate shatter script, then use rigid bodies or whatever to do the actual simulation? If so, how?

Also, I'm in the business for any other freeware and functioning shatter script, possibly one that's more straightforward and doesn't require a bunch of workarounds to get any proper result. So, if anyone has one tucked up their sleeve, please give it up! :)

01 January 2012, 11:13 PM
i think pulldownit will do what your talking about. I believe that you can just "shatter it", to break it into pieces, and all the pieces are there own separate pieces of geometry.

01 January 2012, 12:33 AM
if it does work i dont think it would yield the results you are looking for. The tet generation is simply triangular polygons its the materials and settings that create the great looking simulation in DMM. without the DMM part of it youd just have a huge amount of nGons.

01 January 2012, 08:25 AM
If you like DMM you have a fully functionnal 30 day version, that you can download here

There is no limitation, and its stable ! so if you go the DMM way forget the Autodesk Joke and use this one. I don't know if you are allowed to use it in production ...

DMM is justify only when you want Physically correct destruction. Its slow but it gives good result.

For destruction on maya 2012 in the old school way,
- i will shatter manually the key component to draw nice irregular aspect, this would be my Layer 1 elements
- then i would use a Voronoi script to break those element in to 2 other layers
- and i would combine PhysX simulation (for Layer 1 elements) and nParticle Collosion (for Layer 2 and 3 elements) to get the collision.
- you can reuse the nParticle to emit into a fluids and to emit some additional debris

for shatter you have this one :

for shatter instance you have this one :

this would do the job i think !

for destruction stuff Brandon Riza is always a great source of inspiration, so i give you the link just in case :

cheers !

01 January 2012, 12:56 PM
that free version of pulldown it is pretty good...its got an annoying pop up but it does some very fast shattering and simulations

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