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01 January 2012, 11:19 PM
Whats your thoughts on this school? Is it good or just another too good to be true school only wanting money with students not really getting anything at the end? In other words, is there any chance of them being sued like the art institute?

02 February 2012, 12:14 AM
Here is what I know.

I was very interested in the Los Angeles Film School when I went to visit it in 2006. During this time they were undergoing re-construction and were implementing new programs into their curriculum, including animation. I received a tour of their studio and classes but was unable to afford their program at the time. I also receive newsletters in the mail from LA Film that explains in detail what programs they have available.

My brother attends LA Film for their audio engineer program. The Los Angeles Recording school is a part of LA Film as he's told me. If you are a resident of California then you won't pay as much for tuition is what I was told. Out of state students apparently pay more, however I can't confirm this in 2011- 2012.

Los Angeles Film also has different courses you can take in Audio, Film, and Animation. They also include game design if I'm not mistaken. Two of my good friends also attend LA Film along with my brother. One is in film and the other is also undertaking the audio engineering program. Courses can range from I believe 8 (accelerated) to 18 months. You can choose which one you would like, and they apparently cost the same. You can also pause attendance and continue the same classes if you're 6 months in and need to take a break.

This is all information I was handed through the years. All the feedback I have gotten from my inquiries about LA Film have been good, and that the teachers there are all industry experts, and are also very laid back and cool. I am also thinking about attending and hope someone else has any information on it.

The following information may be inaccurate...

Additional details: I've been told for game design, animation, and VFX classes they use Autodesk Maya. These programs were just being implemented during my visit to the school in 2006.

As a student studying film you can rent high tech HD cameras including the new RED cameras after a period of either 4 to 6 months in.

Animation, film, and audio courses will provide you with school issued computer laptops and software when you are either 4 - 6 months in.

Courses begin with general education including math, and English. They also have classes dedicated to helping you build a portfolio of friends. This is important for networking, and helping you work as a team with others.

You will have projects that may require you to collaborate with other students studying film, animation, and audio.

When you first begin you are mixed with students who wish to attend the school for different reasons. You will be mixed with students attending for film, audio, game, and animation until you finish those early classes. Then you're moved into a classroom that is dedicated to film, animation, or audio.

If you wish to inquire about any additional details I suggest visiting their website or going to the school and requesting a one on one session with admission staff. They can also provide times when they are doing tours of the school campus. Since your profile says you're a resident of L.A County it should be fairly easy to visit. I live about an hour away.

Hope that all helps a bit.

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