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12 December 2011, 04:17 PM
We were asked in the Character Design and Creation class this week what our greatest challenge has been in this class. I would like to share my answer, for I am proud to state it aloud.

The biggest challenge for me is the newness I have in this arena and the confidence level I am currently at. There are times when ones confidence can be paralyzing, it can make you stare at a screen and pause or put off school work just one more day. The fear, the fear to give your all, to really let go, to step off that ledge not knowing if you will fall or if you will soar. It can be overwhelming at times and a inspirational push at others, the passion can make your heart race, the sound of music that much sweeter, the imagination run that much faster.

Doors, constant doors in front of you as if they were hurdles yet you do not want to dodge or jump them, you want to run through them like a cheetah on the plains; my future is my prey and I wish only to catch it. To take the visions, the scenes and ideals in my head and bring them to reality. Learning to gain understanding of structure, tone, movement and creativity while assuring a reality is bringing it together to produce believable models, characters and environments for your viewers.

Since I was a child I wanted this, I have always wanted this, before it even existed when I sat in front of a Tandy CoCo color computer II with a black and white monitor and tape cassette drive. I knew then that some day, those lines on my screen would be so much more, I lost that dream once and now that I am running again so fast that my heart feels like a star-ship trying to break atmo I will not give. I will not turn back, I will not let my fear ruin me; I know this and this class I believe has been the turning point for this. While my work is rough, new as sun upon its first dawn; I know that I have a plan I can see it, I can taste it and most of all my heart feels it.

Time management is a must, it is resounding, it is a simple concept but fear of letting go, to really delve into it all. To strive to reach new heights with out worrying about the fall can be hard. Yet seeing it come together, the bio, the concept, the model, the maquette, the color, the result of a new character born, it makes all the falls and bruises along the way worth it.

This class has really started to tie the past classes together for me, joining CGSociety and talking to others and networking has done so even more; I no longer want to slow my gate as I approach each door; I lean my shoulder in and push forward. I accept you challenge, I accept my fear of the unknown and my own confidence levels; I accept they like my confidence, will grow with practice and I accept this question and simply submit my heart as the answer.

12 December 2011, 06:32 PM
For me I would say the steps I have taken before I dive into a school full time for animation. I knew how expensive they were and didn't want to start my work in it with a distraction of debt from my classes so I joined the military to pay for it all or a huge chunk. As a bit of a safety net and way to utilize benefits I have been working on my associates in business management for before I leave the military in about a year. Then I can hit school hard getting paid by the government more than I make now for my rent and cost of living =]. I figure it is some hard work for a few years in order to give myself the ability to fully focus on my art and development into a professional digital artist.

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12 December 2011, 06:32 PM
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