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12 December 2011, 07:51 AM
I previously posted another thread but felt I shouldn't focus on one school in the topic. I would like to get a more up to date comparison of the schools in the United States for learning animation. I have already been self taught in 3DS Max then Maya to know basic ideas of modeling, rigging, rendering, etc. The reason why I want to go to school is to hone those skills and I have this lovely G.I. bill to blow along with yellow ribbon programs. So in a nutshell I am a Marine about to get out and focus on education to become a 3d animator, this has been my plan for at least the past 3 years of my military work so I have been stocking up on books and going through online references to learn. That time to move into schools is coming in the next year where I will enroll somewhere in 2013 so there is plenty of time to judge and visit schools.

This information should be very useful to anyone considering an animation school in the time frame I just wanted everyone to know my perspective looks at military benefits as well.

Ringling__________ Sarasota, FL_______BA Fine Arts/ 4YR____________$140,960.00
AAU____________San Francisco, CA___BA Fine Arts/4YR____________$118,200.00
SCAD___________Savannah,GA_______BA Fine Arts/ 4YR___________$122,040.00
CalArts__________ Valencia, CA_______BA Fine Arts/4 YR___________ $150,736.00
SVA____________ New York,NY______BA Fine Arts/4 YR___________ $118,200.00
USC____________ Los Angeles, CA____BA Fine Arts/4 YR___________$168,684.00
Gnomon_________ Los Angeles, CA____Certificate/3 YR______________ $99,000.00
Animation Mentor____ Online__________Certificate/18 month___________$18,753.00
VFS_____________Vancouver, Canada __Certificate/1 YR_____________$,51,652.50

(this is all roughly figured out from the estimates and information on the schools websites currently for 2011-2012 if you find different or recent costs/info post them)

As far as the military effect on costs the G.I. Bill pays the highest state college tuition which kinda sucks because the art schools are usually private. To make up for that shortfall in funds the government had the yellow ribbon program where schools agree to pay a certain amount per semester that is matched by the government. Schools like AAU claim to make up for the excess that the G.I. bill doesn't cover so in theory the school would be nearly free for me as long as they grant me that benefit I will post a table of the predicted costs after military benefits as soon as I have decently accurate information for them all.

To try and prevent some excess redundancy in this thread I will say that I feel the colleges are just a tool for an artist to use in their process of self improvement. I do look into the backgrounds teachers come from, student work during and after education, the software used, etc. I don't think there is a defining school or way to tell which are better blatantly, I know periodicals rate them from time to time which can be insightful but shouldn't be the single way to define which is best. Schools should be chosen on an individual basis so for one students situation and background a school like Full Sail might be perfect and meet their needs to make them succeed while another might need a school like Ringling and have the financial backing or commitment to utilize the institution. This is just my opinion but I would be delighted to hear any more recent input on schools? I know there are plenty threads out there regarding the topic that are from years ago and have closed so I would like a more recent take on them.

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12 December 2011, 07:51 AM
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