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11 November 2003, 09:13 PM
I needed to test my character's animation for a short film I plan to have finished by January '04 and there was a film festival coming up in town so I decided to animate the Introduction Animation for them. I'm using Maya 5.0 Here is the AVI version of it:

Ike's Intro AVI 3MB (

11 November 2003, 10:34 PM
seems to be a good start - the animation works fine!

for my taste the chaacter is a bit too pointy - he could be a bit more fluffy what brings him away from beeing associated business man / fox

some questions you should prehaps answere for yourself to make the character more clear - for me the best is make a lot of handdrawings, cause they are more intuitive.

is the animal funny, slik, cool, slapstick?
is he a showmaster, a comedian ...
who are actors you could associate with him ( jim carrey prehaps) - would some eqipement, clothes make his perfornance stronger (hat, stick, gun, shoes ...)

I think the more backround info and details you set for your figure the more beliveable it gets. I know it still is a dummy - but it should not stay one : )

the same for the backround - why this phantasiland backround; not that I want to criticize it, just questioning. what else could it be? whatr would perhaps give a stronger support or even contrast to the figure

keep it up - the animation/expressions work quite good


11 November 2003, 04:33 PM
Thanks for the feedback mimo8
I'm glad you didn't have any problem with the animation because that is my main area of focus. I'm also glad that you thought my character could be associated with a business man or a fox because that is part of his role for my upcoming animation. He is a cheating, lying, conartist who would just as soon take candy from a baby. I agree, he's not the right character to introduce an animation festival, but then again I guess it just depends on the festival.
You are absolutely right about the character and the background. I will try to give my characters some props and I will try to make the setting show traits of my character's personality as well.

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