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11 November 2011, 02:45 PM
Hi All

Ive a scene where i'm using the Bubble ICE particles sample (ICE>Create>Particles>Bubbles) to create water droplets.

There are a few things i need to do.
1st - I need to deform the shape of the bubble particles so that they're less round and more randomly deformed. I was thinking perhaps to use instanced geometry, but I;m new to ICE and not sure if its he nest way.

2nd - The particles are being emitted from a grid deformed with the Turbulize Mesh compound, with the animate parameter switched on. Is there a way to have the parictle inherit the direction and velocity the deformed mesh is moving in (left to right in this case).
I suppose I could use forces, but i'd prefer to keep if all neatly tied together in the ICE tree if possible.

Thank is advance for any help!


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11 November 2011, 02:45 PM
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