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11 November 2011, 12:03 AM
So im just trying to get transforms from one object, store them, and then apply them to another object.
So far i have the getting atributes from one object with-

string $Tree[] = `ls -sl`;

for($i =0; $i < size($Tree); $i++){ // ( this is ment to, in my mind, cycle thought the array and do //the following opporations to every thing. not sure if this is right please correct me )

float $rx = `getAttr $Tree.rx`;
float $ry = `getAttr $Tree.ry`;
float $rz = `getAttr $Tree.rz`;
vector $attrs = << $rx, $ry, $rz>>;
print $attrs;

this works for getting the attributs from one object selected, but when i try two objects it returns
// Error: Cannot convert data of type float[] to type float. //

and i dont know what it even mean or how to fix it would be much appreciated

11 November 2011, 02:02 AM
Fix this:
float $rx = `getAttr $Tree[$i].rx`;
(also change the .ry and .rz lines).

Your $Tree[] variable needs to be consistently used as an array.

<* Wes *>

11 November 2011, 08:58 PM
if you only want to iterate over the items in an array, use this method:
string $array[] = `someArray`;
for ($item in $array)
doFunction $item;
}you only need to use the other type of for..loop if you need counters or indices. for example starting from a given index or stepped or backwards iteration.
string $array[] = `someArray`;
for ($n=0 ; $n<size($array) ; $n++)
doFunction $array[$n];
}additionally, don't bother working with individual vector components unless you actually want the individual components:
string $trees[] = `ls -sl`;
for($item in $trees)
vector $rot = `getAttr ($item + ".r")`;
print ($rot + "\n");
}or:string $trees[] = `ls -sl`;
for($t=0 ; $t<size($trees) ; $t++)
vector $rot = `getAttr ($trees[$t] + ".r")`;
print ($rot + "\n");

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11 November 2011, 08:58 PM
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