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11 November 2003, 07:05 PM
HotKey list - for those DRTM (don't read the manual) and the DEMO people.

F1 No List
F2 Standard List Size
F3 Double-Wide List
F4 Triple-Wide List
F5 Palette On/Off
F6 Dope Sheet On/Off
F7 Recompile All Scripts
F12 Connect To Host

d Key Range Distort
e Multi-Edit On/Off
h Command Tab
k Key/Frame Editing Panel
m Compose Tab
n Animate Tab
q Quad View On/Off
r Setup Mode
t Key Range Transform Panel
w Double View On/Off

0 Cycle Channel Groups
1 Select Channel xpos
2 Select Channel ypos
3 Select Channel zpos
4 Select Channel heading
5 Select Channel pitch
6 Select Channel bank
7 Select Channel xscale
8 Select Channel yscale
9 Select Channel zscale

[ Decrease Grid Units
] Increase Grid Units
\ Move Panel
- Decrease Grid Size
= Increase Grid Size
` Select Channel Group

Tab MetaNURBS On/Off
Enter Create Key Panel
Space Activate Frame Control
Delete Delete Key Panel

Arrow Left Go To Previous Frame
Arrow Up Select Previous Item In List
Arrow Right Go To Next Frame
Arrow Down Select Next Item In List

Numeric Pad 0 Load View Preset 1
Numeric Pad 1 Load View Preset 2
Numeric Pad 2 Load View Preset 3
Numeric Pad 3 Load View Preset 4
Numeric Pad 4 Load View Preset 5
Numeric Pad 5 Load View Preset 6
Numeric Pad 6 Load View Preset 7
Numeric Pad 7 Load View Preset 8
Numeric Pad 8 Load View Preset 9
Numeric Pad 9 Load View Preset 10
Numeric Pad - Delete current item

SHIFT F6 DopeMaster On/Off
SHIFT [ Decrease Edit Sphere Size
SHIFT ] Increase Edit Sphere Size
SHIFT - Decrease Sub Grid Size
SHIFT = Increase Sub Grid Size
SHIFT Enter Bake Range Panel
SHIFT Delete Erase Range Panel

CTRL N Clear Scene
CTRL S Save Scene
CTRL Arrow Left Select Previous Key
CTRL Arrow Right Select Next Key
CTRL Numeric Pad 0 Store View Preset 1
CTRL Numeric Pad 1 Store View Preset 2
CTRL Numeric Pad 2 Store View Preset 3
CTRL Numeric Pad 3 Store View Preset 4
CTRL Numeric Pad 4 Store View Preset 5
CTRL Numeric Pad 5 Store View Preset 6
CTRL Numeric Pad 6 Store View Preset 7
CTRL Numeric Pad 7 Store View Preset 8
CTRL Numeric Pad 8 Store View Preset 9
CTRL Numeric Pad 9 Store View Preset 10

11 November 2003, 03:42 AM
Thanks, man!

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