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11 November 2003, 06:54 PM
hi this is my female model, seems realistic?
c&c are wellcome.

excuse my engish.

11 November 2003, 06:57 PM
front side

11 November 2003, 11:42 PM
great start.
work on the overall shape of the head. a female head is more oval than circular, so adjust the rear of the head this way the rest of the forehead is more proportional.
give a liitle more cheekbones and less jaw muscle (IMO)
good luck, keep up the good work:thumbsup:

11 November 2003, 04:57 AM
yeah, thats pretty fast, one things that bothers me the most, though it all depends on your character design and the exact look you are going for, but from the almost side view, the forehead and nose look a little wrong.

The forehead seams a little to much forward, a bit like a cliff face drop to the nose.

Speakign of the nose, it seams a little too pointed, bit like a ski ramp :)

The other thing to check, which really needs a direct side view, ie only one eye socket visable, is the placement or position of the eyes, mouth corner and hoe far the nose wings are set back into the face.

A common problem is that ppl tend to not set the eyes back far enough compared to the bridge of the nose, while having the mouth and especially the mouth corners, set too far forward.

A very good referance for all this and later animating expressions, etc is a book by Gary Faigin called "The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression". It has two pencil drawings of a female face on the cover, one normal look, the other smiling.

11 November 2003, 08:36 PM
well the idea was only about face,the rest of the head no matters my for the moment.
respect to the checkbones some womans have it and others no, only its a cuestion of what face you want.

yes maybe the nose seems a sky ramp.
i be working for make the line of the wing of the nose and change the size when adjust simetry.
for the momen i like eyes in this place if i move can seem a boxer.

i post the new changes soon


hope you can stand my english.

11 November 2003, 07:32 PM
new changes

11 November 2003, 10:38 PM
Something that's more than just a preference, it's a reality issue; is that she doesn't have a brow ridge. The transitin from forehead to eye socket is not making me believe there's a skull under there.

Another thing, is that when you look at people closely, you'll notice (there ARE exceptions) but the vast majority of people have a philtrum (under-nose divot) that actually comes quite a bit farther forward than the "back" of the lips, the corners. (Profile terms). What that means is that the nostrils actually anchor farther back than it might seem. Basically the nose on your model currently feels like it's in front of the face as opposed to coming out of it. That also ties into two mouth comments that the mouth needs to be "rounder", go back farther on the sides (thereby leaving the current profile, but creating that philtrum depth difference I mentioned) and also the mouth corners need to be surrounded by more mass, probably best achieved by leaving some of the surrounding area as you pull the corners back.

Here's a pic of a model I made for my book that you can see the depth difference near the philtrum and how that affects the nose anchor points, and also the shading and shaping near the corners.

In any case, good work, and keep going! -J.

11 November 2003, 10:58 PM
a very complicate english,but i think i stand.i try to do it an see the results.

thanks for the feedback

11 November 2003, 04:52 AM
yup, now that the new render shows a proper side view, the few things that I said in my first post and that JasonOsipa pointed out about the nose wings and mouth corners turned out to be true.

I think it is a very common mistake, for the most part we tend to see people front on and just don't totally realise how far back into the face the nose and mouth really goes and when looking front on, it is very hard to tell, since the face can appear fine.

Still, your model has everything it needs, just a bit of pushing and pulling in a couple of places, so not a huge problem to fix.

You like to post a wireframe tho fast4ry, depending on if oyu have animation in mind, you may still have construction problems that have yet to show up.

11 November 2003, 08:45 PM

hey man...
tanx for your tips...
keep on going with your model and uŽll gonna get it...

i made some upadates of my model..
if you wanna look.. -- [copy - paste]

keep on going

11 November 2003, 07:20 PM
well,i made some changes.

i add a little mas in the corner of the lips and pull back the wings of the nose,and make the nose more short,but i think now beguns to seem a male in the front view.

mybe the jaws need be more fat.
ah, i change the philter of the nose.

tell me how look now,i beguin to think that the beeter thin i can doo with dis modelll is press key supr.

he jasonopia very god reply,very concret.

hope you can stand my english.

11 November 2003, 07:23 PM

11 November 2003, 07:26 PM

11 November 2003, 08:06 PM
hey tonigib! for the moment i not animate this model,im working in another for animation,
i can feel ashamed if i post the wire,this is my first head.
but maybe i post,in this way is more easy see my fails.thanks

kiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa brrrra kia brrra ba ba.

come on seeb,come on!

11 November 2003, 08:22 PM
ola que tal???



well...u getting there..
but need more work...
you can try to fix the bumps over your face.
and around the eyes ..working on the eyebrows.
and the front view. you could work more on the shape of the head.
try to get some photo reference.

keep on going

11 November 2003, 09:32 PM
Make the nose smaller.

11 November 2003, 04:54 AM

well, sometimes even if you don't plan to animate, just the position of the wire frame and edge loops can explain why things have bumps or a particular shape/form is hard to achive.

11 November 2003, 07:49 PM
well,i post my wire and see.but its y first human head no crit hard
iv got post front and side ,no?

post tomorrow today i cant,no internet in my house.

someone knows where i can find a image of a chicken??????

11 November 2003, 05:10 PM

about your bumps..
yeah man,...
you have to keep tweeking...[??]
try to use some smooth painting....

good luck

11 November 2003, 08:13 PM
hahahahahah ha ha ha ha ha jajajajajajaja jajajaaajjjjjjjjjjjj

esque me parto de la risa.

excuse my english.

11 November 2003, 08:28 PM
hi. i not post wires today,im working in somethings,in the jaw and eyes and checkbones ,and front.tomorrow post and see.
somebody knows a good tutorial for make a hear?not poligonal tutorial , spline tutorial.

i hope the results will be better after this changes,and receive a good critic or a god critic at finally.

hope yuo can stand my english,y try to upgrade my language
ala a kaskala.

11 November 2003, 09:11 PM
new changes.

11 November 2003, 09:13 PM
fron view.

11 November 2003, 06:07 AM
OK, thats all starting to look a lot better. Only one thing that is wrong.

On the side view, the nostrils are out too far, if you find a side photo, you will see that they are more back into the face, with maybe the nose wings set in a bit more too.

Other then that it is all looking pretty good so far.

11 November 2003, 07:42 PM

good started.....

is very good

esta muy un buen comienzo esta bastante suave.....demomento parece un robot pero eso es normal al ser simetrica y demas.....

yo con las orejas siempre me pego jejeje osea que prefiero no aconsejarte respecto a eso.

yo de madrid :beer:

12 December 2003, 06:38 PM

12 December 2003, 06:40 PM

12 December 2003, 10:23 PM
feel free to say something,c&c. pliz

12 December 2003, 11:47 AM
Wow, she is really coming along well. You have really made some great changes to your model so far.


12 December 2003, 09:23 PM
thanks to all :) thank you tony :thumbsup: .
i continue modellin and texturing,maybe the ears are to small but people say that some persons have ears very small.
i think the modell is ready but i dont know,now i am texturing and bumping.

12 December 2003, 10:50 PM
Nice modelling on those eyes.
Looking good. :thumbsup:

12 December 2003, 07:53 PM
thanks vegan :)

some textures now



12 December 2003, 10:39 PM
Wow that's really coming along well.
No criticisms yet - only a couple of suggestions.

The eyes - I notice you have a bump map .... but what about a color and specular map ? ( I know... its a WIP )
Do you plan to paint the textures, or do you plan to use a photo as a texture map ?
You might want to borrow a beauty magazine from a girl so that you can get some good pictures to study from.
If the photos are close up shots, a lot of them will show lots of great detail for using as textures.
Eventhough this may seem like a silly thing to do, it really is worth doing.

( The percentage on the bump map that you are using for the lips needs to be set a little higher. You can barely see it - especialy on the bottom lip )

Keep at it . It's looking good. :wip:

12 December 2003, 07:38 PM
hi vegan, im painting the texture because i dont have a photos for clone skin, i try to do this of beauty magazine,for the moment y dont use references,but i need for cloth.

12 December 2003, 08:54 PM

03 March 2004, 08:21 PM angulo.jpg
withaout specular and probisional bump.

03 March 2004, 08:31 PM
more changes please help

03 March 2004, 01:14 PM

wow, i really like your texturing. only things that need work are,
1. looks like you have a 3 sided face on either side.
2. texture needs to fill bottom corner a bit more
3. round this out a little bit
4. pull the indent up away from the lip a little.

very nice work so far, look forward to seeing updates:thumbsup:

03 March 2004, 06:53 PM
hey WINGS4ME3D thanks for your help and your coments,
you have reason.i dont know how fix the problem with 3 sided face,this was modelling with spline:shrug: thanks

03 March 2004, 07:35 PM
now i have topologi to only one step,this seems fix the problem with 3 sided face. topologia 1 paso.jpg

06 June 2004, 10:44 AM
:thumbsup: Keep on doing efforts in modeling.

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