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11 November 2003, 09:57 AM
I crossposted this on the general discussions forum.

I usually do not frequent this forum as i know nothing about programming at all. I do 3d animations and as i study film i know a bunch of directing students, camera students and some production designers as well. I heard a lot about the magic of previs and how benificial it can be and started a seminar on how to aproach this productionstep. here at uni noone had ever heard of this possibility and you guess how chaotic film shooting can be when you are not prepared. I plan to teach my fellow students on how to use previs as a tool for more productive film shooting and Iīll use maya for that as itīs the software the school has purchased not long ago. I think they do not have to know much about maya to be able to do a previs, but on the other hand the software is a bit intimidating. all that i will be using is boxes to do the previs and lights and cameras. there isnīt much more to it than that. I know that previs is a well known workstep and used since quite a while, but there is no easy to use software that adresses the needs, I know that a lot do previs in poser, maya, 3d max, lightwave even motionbuilder. some use even cad apps such as archicad, as it comes with a library of assets and furniture. some even use two or three apps for this job.
I think it is time for a piece of software that adresses all that at once.

1. easily animatable characters (like in poser)

2. a library of premade but editable assets, such as furniture, cars, walls, doors, windows, streets and signals, camera rigg like dollys, jibs, cranes, tripods and so on. presets for real world cameras and lenses. so you donīt have to research anymore for aperture hight or similar data on the camera that is used

3. an simple modeler for assets that are not integrated as well as an importer for the most common object formats,

4. a storyboard and nle mode where you can either print out storyboards or edit different cameras and give out as a movie file to better predict the timing.

5. a possibility to automatically get a printversion of the set and camerainfo from top and sideviews, with scale information on all the objects such as camera hight and angle, set width and length, indicators on where a light is and how high, exact position info on every asset and character.

6 and all that whith an easy to use GUI as a lot of directors , cameramen, producers anddesigners do not want to learn how to do cg.

so how hard can it be to do a programm like that, as i know a lot of people waiting for it.

PS. I donīt expect you to do it btw, i just try to get some opinions on how likelly this programm is going to be available in the future, and if anyone knows of such a programm being made right now.

11 November 2003, 02:25 PM
i guess it would be far easier to write such features into Maya - (or such) as plug-ins, with a dedicated GUI...

i could even try to develop a few of these feat...

11 November 2003, 02:54 PM
An interesting article...
Masters of Previs: The very best at bad 3D (

I remember a game about 6 or 7 years ago, where you were a director of a movie shoot. You set up cameras, props, actors, etc. and shot the film in a real-time 3d setting. I just can't recall the name... sorry.

11 November 2003, 09:16 AM
thanks guys, the problem was solved in the general discussions forum.

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