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Jorge Arango
11 November 2003, 10:00 PM
One of the fetures of the new photoshop is flash export. Does that mean that I can take a QuickTime movie and export it to flash?

If so, is there any limitation of size?

Thank you,

Jorge Arango

11 November 2003, 08:34 AM
I think it's best you fully understand what this means before attempting it. ;)

Opening a movie file in IR will get IR to extract each separate frame in that movie and create a new layer for it. You can also choose specific frames yourself though too.

For example... if you opened "half" of a 1.27MB movie file and got 324 frames/layers in the new converted IR file, then you exported/converted that to a Flash SWF... you could very well end up with a 40MB Flash file.

This is hardly practical on ANY level.

IR does NOT convert the movie images into the vector format that Flash normally uses to create such small file sized animation. It simply leaves the movie images/frames as BMPs and compiles them in the same running order that they were in the original movie. And that's why the new Flash file was 40MB.

I might be able to see some kind of simple and specific use for IR being able to do this, but nothing grandly practical. At least, not until IR can convert the images into a vector format upon conversion.

So the synopsis then would be... you're probably better of to just embed that small 1.27MB movie file into your Flash document, then try to convert the movie to separate frames/layers and end up with a movie noone will ever view. ;)


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