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10 October 2011, 12:38 PM
Hey Everyone,
I'm trying to export out some of my animation into another scene with the dkAnim Script, but I keep getting this error when I try to execute the command: # Error: NameError: name 'dkAnim' is not defined . Is there a reason why I keep getting this? Someone please help!

10 October 2011, 05:27 PM
is dkAnim a mel script or a python script? Are you trying to execute a mel procedure in a python tab in the script editor or command line?

10 October 2011, 01:34 AM
It is hard to provide anything more than an educated guess without having the same scene and tools all set up here to do a hands-on analysis.

But my educated guess is that you have never sourced the dkanim script. I don't use it here myself, but if the name of the script is "dkanim.mel" then type this line into the command line in Maya:
source dkanim;
You may need to look in your scripts folder to make sure the name of the script really is is dkanim (I am guessing), but executing that line once after you start Maya will make dkanim a recognized command. Source just really means that Maya reads the file and remembers the names in it as extensions to all the built-in MEL commands.

Lots of us place source commands for the scripts we use regularly into our userSetup.mel script, so all that is done automatically when we start Maya.

<* Wes *>

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10 October 2011, 01:34 AM
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