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06 June 2002, 10:35 PM
Hi guys and girls!!!

iīm having some problems to texture this model, please someone help me!!!

I want to use uvmap with this model but i donīt know from where should i start..I tryed to use atlas for the full model but i donīt know which part is which, and then i tryed to use planar, spherical and cylindrical for the full model but the uv is was very confusing.

So i should use one uvmap for each part (head, legs, etc)??

I looked in the internet for some tutorials but i couldnīt find anyone that cover a full body model. Someone know where i could find one??

Thanks in advances


06 June 2002, 10:40 PM
This image is what i could do so far, following the tut from menithings but I tnhik that this is wrong...

06 June 2002, 03:21 AM

UVMapper Pro will unwrap edges so they're easier to deal with.

You first have to export your model to Wavefront OBJ format...

06 June 2002, 08:26 AM
As you mentioned, the first thing you have to do is seperate your mesh into different areas to be unwrapped seperately. Trying to unwrap an entire mesh will only lead to a headache :surprised

If you look at what you have there, you'll see that some parts of it will actually work though - the legs. Depending on what software you use, you should be able to use multiple UV co-ordinates in a single surface, enabling you to use this projection for the legs, and another for the body. It looks like you are using LW, so you will be able to do that :)

Yes atlas can be very confusing, and although it is a very cool method, does require soooo much editing :p
It's not really any use looking for "full body tutorials" either, because I doubt you will find anything that is even remotely similar to your model ;) Your model is very unique, and will therefore require a completely unique approach to unwrapping.

My preferred method is just using planar projections. They do require a bit of editing to prevent overlapping areas, but they produce the most predictable results. Do the legs and the body seperately.

Start off by assigning 2 seperate surfaces for each half. I mean, go to your top viewport and select each half like that. Then assign a different surface to each - called, for instance, left body and right body.
Then select one of those halves, and go to your right or left viewport and do a planar unwrap on the x-axis (presuming your creature runs lengthways down the z-axis).
Go to your UV viewport and ensure that your unwrap does dot have any overlapping ploys. The best way to do this is to unweld all your points in that selection (CTRL+u), which leaves the points to be freely moved around.
Then just move them all so that you are left with a completely flat template, and you are ready for texturing!

The legs are obviously done seperately. Just select them individually and do planar unwraps on them. You don't necessarily have to divide these legs in half each, as they are very thin, and should therefore have no planar stretching.

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