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10 October 2011, 09:16 PM
Greetings! First of all I want to ask to excuse me for my bad english. I know that i'm not only one who wrote about such problem, but i'm doing this after the rejections most of my last works. I dont know why the first two works does not meet your standards, but the answer for my latest submission was:

Your submission has been declined for the following reason(s):
* I am sorry, but we do not accept untextured models in this gallery.

This is a link of this work called "Lion Rider" that is still stored in my portfolio :

I spent a lot of time to achive a bronse look of the sculpture, played with different masks that are based on the cavity, AO and handpainted maps. I'm using different types of the diffuse textures for each material:
1. Clean bronse - for the highest parts of the model.
2. A little bit dirty brown bronse as a base material.
3. And two types of dark and dirty bronse. One is the dark brown with little green tint and another more dirty with dark green color.
Realy, I dont think that the model is still untextured.

But what can I see in the gallery? Lots of untextured models or with the simplest mapping and textures. Here are few examples that I easily find on the first four or five pages in 3dstills gallery:

This five works have no any visible diffuse textures at all, but all in gallery anyway. - realy great sculpt, but painted in standart Zbrush material

This work have only one metal material for all model.

In this artwork i can see one sand texture on the ground and only little color variations on the trees. I have the wooden basement in my sculpture:)

Also I want to say, that I like all of this works, uspecially the sculpture "LOVE collapse", but I think that this is very unfair.

I will be very glad to see answer on this question. Thank's for patience.

P.S. I know that everyone can make a mistake. That is why I was in silence after of the first two rejections and made a tread in W.I.P. for one of this works, but now I absolutely disagree with the reason for denial.

Vladimir Khadyko

10 October 2011, 02:40 AM
For a short period of time, when the quality bar was being argued, we ignored a lot of the rules used to filter the gallery inputs to see what would happen. You link work that all seems to have been posted in that period. It's also worth noting that, even if that wasn't the case, as far as simple sculptural textures and all go those are more complete and better presented models than your submission (this is in my opinion of course).

Those entries haven't been removed for fairness and because many submissions that would have passed even with the stricter rules had been put up in the same period.

I'd suggest you take the rejection recommendations at heart, keep posting in WIPs, and improve your work until it more objectively and widely meets the standards.

Presentation in particular is very weak, with just a few ill-chosen angles bashed together into one single image.
It's a just model showcase rather than a finished image to me, and while the model isn't bad, it's not so spectacularly good in its craftmanship to make it worth closing an eye on the rest of the rules and let it through anyway (such as it might have been the case for the eva, which is at least vertex painted anyway).

10 October 2011, 07:52 PM
Thanks for answer, but this is not what i want to hear. The reason of rejection was "we do not accept untextured models in this gallery", and I gave some links to works without textures at all (I dont think that few polypainted orange lines are textures). In the letter I didn't get anything about bad modeling, lightning, bad angles of view or something else. So, I want to know why my work with textures was rejected and many others without are in gallery now.

Here is one more link to a new work without textures, with the same angle of camera as i did in my work (except additional views that i've done):

And also I attach the image with crop from HiRes of my work with statue of lion and monkey. (

10 October 2011, 12:10 PM
I think the rejection message you received was likely a mistake; I didn't see this particular piece myself so the voting must have completed before I had a chance to, but in all honesty I assume it was actually rejected due to the quality. Your sculpture could be greatly improved.

But then, I am just one of a number of people casting their votes, and can't speak for the others.

10 October 2011, 11:54 AM
I think the rejection message you received was likely a mistake.
Twice? :) I was trying to submit this image twice, because I also think that in the first time it was a mistake, but the second mail was the same.

it was actually rejected due to the quality. Your sculpture could be greatly improved.
Yes, you are right, it could be improved, but you know - there is no limit of perfection, even most of the award works could be improved. And I promise, that I will think about opening of new WIP thread for this sculpture.

Thanks for answer!

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10 October 2011, 11:54 AM
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