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09 September 2011, 06:27 PM
Hello Forum,

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum. It seems the CGJobs forum is designed for long term permanent job positions. I just have a 1 time short paying project.

I'm a digital printmaker in NYC, and one of our clients purchased a model from The model is an American Cockroach, and the model provided was a SoftImage .scn file.
We are helping him to produce this as a bronze sculpture with a local foundry. Possible CGI renderings for print, may follow...

We need to move the roaches' legs into a specific shape/position. As well as bend the roaches' antennae into a specific position.

the model needs to be cut apart in specific areas. (Legs, Antenna, Body)
We'll make ABS 3d output of the pieces. A local foundry will cast the 3d pieces and a bronze sculpture will be created...

Export out as .obj, or other format.
From here, I'll fix any holes, clean up the geometry, and produce water tight .stl's for 3d output.

We are NOT fluent in SoftImage at all, but there is rigging already included with the TurboSquid model.

If the moderators are ok with this posting in this location, great. If not, please move to the appropriate location.

Please PM if interested. We'll need an estimate of cost to manipulate the model, and cut parts. I'll send pics of the leg and antenna positioning. We'll also provide the TurboSquid model.

I also attached 3 files to this posting. Hopefully that was done correctly.

roach1.jpg - snapshot of our first bending. We'll stick to something similar
leg position.jpg - image of a sculpture we're trying to follow. We want the roaches legs to be positioned as close as possible to this reference sculpture.
rigging.jpg - Here's a snapshot from within softimage, I included the rigging provided from Turbosquid.

thank you,
Andre Ribuoli

10 October 2011, 09:02 PM
Looks like you should be able to select the bones and rotate them into position. c is shortcut to rotate. In order to help see the bones, turn on xray mode in display properties of viewport.

If it's all 1 mesh, you can select the polygons with u (grow selection I think is shift = ). Then to seperate them into a new mesh, right click on selected polygons and do extract (delete). That removes from original and creates a new mesh. Make sure to Freeze Modelling on each of the pieces to remove the history.

10 October 2011, 02:02 AM
The job section is intended for all jobs, no matter the duration, as long as they are legit and paid.
We don't allow job postings anywhere else due to the amount of moderation and verification of postings necessary to make sure no fake or exploitative offers make it through being overwhelmingly impossible.

Going to archive this thread, but not delete it, so you know what happened :) and ask you kindly to post in the pertinent section. You can ignore the fact the average offer is longer term than what you offer, it's not a determining factor for validity of a post.