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11 November 2003, 03:22 AM
I was wondering what everyone thought was the best freeware 3d app out there, and why they thought it was the best.

Thank you everyone!

11 November 2003, 05:24 AM
It has to be.

It's the best free 3d tool I have ever found.

You can :

model: with a great selection of tools

texturing: you can do some mean texturing, with uv-maps, changing environmental controls, like specularity, alpha etc

render: a stack of rendering options

Its open source: If you don't like it you can change it, compile your own version of blender.

It's probably one of the most often updated apps, so you don't have to wait ages for a new version and you get the great new features soon after they are invented.

You can use it with external tools, exporting and importing is a must, with those other great tools out there also.

Plus much much more.

(excuse any wrong termonolagy)

I wan't to hear what people have to say about wings. I really don't know why it is so great?

11 November 2003, 02:51 PM
blender is definetly the best complet opensource 3dpackage i know. but there is wings, an even better modeler and some better renderers, like yafray.

and dont forget about gimp ;)

11 November 2003, 02:56 PM
The reason so many people like Wings is because it's so focused I think.

It models, and that's pretty much all it does, enabling them to have a really clean and simple interface that many people find very intuitive.
I find I can model faster in Wings than any other app I've ever seen, and that's with just a month of practice and I haven't even set up my preferred shortcuts yet.
Find something else to do your textures and rendering in ( Cinema 4D CE for me currently ), and it's a great program.

( Oooh just noticed a new version of Blender is out, time to have a play with that. Judging by the download speeds the server is getting hammered, must be good. )

11 November 2003, 08:05 PM
<<I was wondering what everyone thought was the best freeware 3d app out there, and why they thought it was the best.

The best for WHAT? That's like asking 'what's the best vehicle out there?' If you want to be out at sea a Harley Davidson won't do you much good, but if you want to go to a motorcycle rally you'll have to trade your Halberg Rassi for a scooter.

<<I wan't to hear what people have to say about wings. I really don't know why it is so great?>>

LOL... learn it, and a few other modelers so you can compare them, and you'll see. There's just too much to expect anyone to list it all but it basically boils down to the 'solid geometry' approach of wings and the way the menus are related to that geometry.


11 November 2003, 03:53 PM
I have been a life thinking Blender was too complex. I am a long time Wings3d user (my modeller, indeed, I model all with it) I keep using it and importing models into Blender.

These two for me are real wonders.

Blender is not so complex for a newbie if read carefully the avaliable docs, also if you used already several 3d tools, you'll probably get it quicker.

My conclussion after getting much deeper than I did other times I tried to understand Blender is...Blender is complex because is powerful and also is complex to us, as the UI in old versions has kept very different to what windows 3d artists which we are are, are used to, just that, different. Also, most designers like me I know, 2d/3d people are used to work with just a few key short cuts, (adobe ctrl alt z, ctrl L, ctrl a, ctrl shift i, ctrl d, etc) while use a lot menus and mouse too. But not so much keys. Perhaps new UI is heading to a better compromise between the 2 ways. Wings can have all with a (custom chosen like Gimp I think) key binded, but also is there the menu-mouse way of working. Blender has a lot of ways of doing that at the end are useful, and is a very flexible tool. I have not found any other tool for free, not even cheap, that has this set of features. Just as it sounds. It has so much power burried there...Well, like many othe powerful packages, but this one is free! ;)

I've been terrified by Blender UI for years. I'm a Max, Wings, Metasequoia, Amorphium, Milkshape, Deep Paint3d, etc, etc, (lots more) user. Just if you dedicate some minutes to it and can't even rotate a box, keep it in mind is not your fault nor Blender's. Is that you should have a book in the table, or the browser with the public doc opened, which I do have now ;)

And then, with that and certain needed amount of patience, an incredible world of continuous nice discoverings opens to you. Or that is happening here, at least.. :)

11 November 2003, 04:17 PM
I wan't to hear what people have to say about wings. I really don't know why it is so great?

Just as if someone asks you why Blender is so good ;) I'd need to write a book about it now.

I only can compare it with Metasequoia. Which I also use often, but lately is mostly Wings, for hi res models and real time game models. I missed some spline modeller till I founmd Hamapatch, japanese like Metasequoia. By the way, all what I do with splines I can do with subdivision and blueprints.

Wings is extremely quick once you get the UI. And I got it without reading a single line, as I did with Character Fx and Metasequoia. That is perhaps something that attracts a huge amount of people. I now like also reading manuals, but just now

Wings lets you work like a bit independent of real edges and vertices, is like more flexible in that,.

The selection system is the most powerful I have ever used. Is extremely quick. Again, once you master it a bit.

I was able to do a model like with Metasequoia just in the first minutes. That is quite enough. But perhaps is because these two modellers are near to the way I like an UI.

I doubt I'll stop modelling with Wings not even a single bit now that I'm learning Blender. But I think in the free world, is not a bad thing to be used to work with which suits you better in each task.

Wings has a very powerful thing not easily found in other 3d tools: vectors and pivot selection system. Vectors allow you to move anything in the direction of any selected edge, average of vertices, face normal, etc...and done in a very quick, interactive way, ,like all in Wings.

The pivot is how I call it. Just to be able to interactively select a point to have it as pivot of operation.

Something like that is the cursor in Blender different.

The TAB are modelling a car...and you need more precision than with a character...well, though you maybe using imageplane as blueprint, you still in some cases want to do it numerically...u hit move x, start dragging till where the drawing demands...but now it tab...a dialog appears and it gets freezed at that point hitting ok will allow you to do the same in othe rmovement. Just hit tab and write down same numbre. V mirror is cool, but sometimes doing it numerically is good.Is something available in every package but I like Wings's ways specially.

BTW, I do love that knife tool added recently to Blender :) Also the UI, though I already managed well with 2.28c's.

It's getting better and better...both tools :) Long life to them ;)

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