View Full Version : Partial ban on my account, no notice nothing

09 September 2011, 01:44 PM
I have another account called JPixel, I have been a cgtalk member for close to 9 years, and have not caused any trouble.

recently after a dispute with cgstaff member Leigh, who responded rudely after I asked for help on navigating the challenges section, I find my account banned with no note or warning..

I would like to know when my account will be restored fully, as I seem to have partial functionality just can't post anything



p.s. I would like someone independant to respond. Also consider this a complaint about your staff member

09 September 2011, 01:11 AM
You know, posting and complaining of being unfairly banned, and then following up your complaint by rampaging around the site calling me a whore, suggesting I suck your dick, saying that you wish I get cancer and threatening to set up DOS attacks on the site probably wasn't the best strategy for convincing anyone that you should be unbanned, Mr Jhem Murray. Nobody likes an internet tough guy.

It's also rather unwise to behave in this way when London is such a small town in terms of our industry.

Lastly, if someone puts a smiley after a comment, you're not really supposed to take it seriously.

Hopefully you've learned a few lessons here today.

09 September 2011, 04:21 AM
Honestly, filing a complaint after that outburst of yours this afternoon will have no merit with anyone here. I don't care how neutral, open minded, or non judgmental they may be, I think anyone would agree that you just burnt all of your bridges here. You'd be better advised to move along to some other internet forum.

I banned your account today and I won't even entertain the idea that you may have had a bad day or you might have been misunderstood. I think you made your point clearly and we do still have it on record (if there is ever a need to quote some of your more immature statements).

It is not even supposed to be in my power to ban accounts, but in this instance I think my actions were well justified, I'm happy the option was still available to me, and I'm confident that the Staff would be in agreement with this action on your account.

Your complaints and objections would be better addressed to a discarded shoe. We have no interest in anymore of your childish ramblings. Goodbye.