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Ian Jones
11 November 2003, 10:58 AM

I'm looking for info and tutorials about how to script animation in max. I have found the in-built help to be complete bollocks in this area.

I'm trying to transfer some of my knowledge from Flash Actionscript, Director Lingo and Java. Basically I want to be able to apply scripting to objects to make them move in various ways, the most common being to follow another object with deceleration or elasticity etc...

My immediate need is for script / expression that will do something similar to this:

position difference = Box01.position - Box02.position
increment = position difference*0.1
Box02.position = Box02.position + increment

That psuedo script basically should make Box02 follow Box01 and decelerate towards it giving a nice smooth and automated animation. Can anyone help? Maybe someone knows of some good tutorials?

Ian Jones
11 November 2003, 07:50 AM
Well... seems like nobody had a solution. For those still interested I managed to start learning MAXscript and made this very simple (yet also problematic with AUTOKEY) script:

fn decelerate =
difference = $Box01.pos - $Box02.pos
increment = difference*0.05
parameter = $Box02.pos+increment
$Box02.pos = parameter
registerTimeCallback decelerate

Ian Jones
11 November 2003, 08:03 AM
Oh, btw... that code is really only there for example purposes. I may make it into a floating window utility with useful options and probably some other useful functionality. Maybe a tool like this already exists? Whatever the case, Ideas include:

Transform types

Anim types
- Constant
- Ease to
- Ease from
- Ease to and from
- Spring / elasticity

Misc Ideas
- Retain original offset position/rotation/scale
- Terminal velocity

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