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09 September 2011, 07:19 AM
hey there. i'm fairly new to 3D modeling but getting the hang of Maya, it's cool! i did this scene and lit it with mental ray. i'm only a few days into learning lighting and i believe it's still odd looking... D=

i'm looking for feedback on lighting as well as impression of the models. i am trying to keep it fairly simple but with a good style. (gameplay is more important than graphics to me, but i'm crazy and want good graphics too.) the engine for this game is mostly done, i'm just working on all the graphics. (it's a 2D game btw, not 3D.)

how is the light?
how is the foliage?
does it look appealing as an RPG?
does it need more character?

thank you kindly for any feedback.

(sorry the girl has no clothes, they're not modeled yet. but she is rigged and has about 12 animations so far. also the trees are animated where the branches sway slightly, as well as the fountain, and other things.)

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09 September 2011, 09:41 AM
I think you should break up the grass quite a bit more, and perhaps fill out the trees. Id also darken the shadows...

Heres a screenshot from Robin Hood The Legend Of Sherwood. Im sure you could get quite a few pointers from how they have textured and lit their image. ;)

09 September 2011, 04:11 PM
thanks Pyke! that's a great reference picture.

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